Mission Pass Gold Ticket Bug in SG Store

So I'm not sure if anyone has this issue currently. But I bought 2x a Mission Pass Gold Ticket and it still didn't unlock it for me. Basicly I wasted 400 Stargems. Is there anyway of fixing this?

I do not know if this was fixed but the last I heard of this issue (during the previous mission pass) you had to directly buy the Gold Track by clicking on it and purchasing it with 200 SG directly. You can got to Swap Shop (by Jan in the Shopping Area) and exchange your Gold Ticket to get back 200 SG and try a direct-purchase of the Gold Track from there as that was the previous workaround we had to do.

@VanillaLucia Ooh! Thank you so much for this information! I'll definitly try this out!

Just checked it out, sadly I don't see an option to exchange the tickets.....

Did you look in the Swap Shop down at the shopping area? I could have sworn it was in one of those menus when you physically visit the shop.

The option to exchange the gold mission pass ticket in the swap shop is no longer there. They removed it after maintenance sometime in January when they announced that they have fixed the issue with the ticket.

If you have issues with the ticket submit a request ticket about it. Till then place any gold mission pass ticket in storage. Make sure you don't have any gold pass ticket in your inventory before continuing, then go to the mission pass itself and claim one of the gold rewards. You should receive an option to use 200 SG to unlock the gold tier. Select yes and it should unlock it.

@VanillaLucia I did, but didn't see any gold ticket that I could sell. Sadly