How to survive Shiva final boss phase 2?

For phase 2 of shiva boss fight,

not talking about the IKO from attacking while her shield is up but the one she uses that covers the field and time freeze then die.

I've survived it only once using chronolapse but othertimes I end up stunned and die.

I've tried staying far away and up close but she sucks me in from any range.

How are you supposed to counter it?

I've seen videos of people beating her but don't know what pa or class they used to free themselves.

I don't think you can break that time freeze, I read in another thread here is to not attack when Shiva has the red shield up since that triggers the freeze, any other color just go nuts with what ever attacks you have.

If possible try to keep your distance so you can dodge most of the attacks, I know that will be hard with the melee classes, most of the AoE attacks light up the areas they will hit a few seconds before they land.

You can break free of the time freeze, it just has a small window. Ideally you don’t want to trigger it all, by not attacking. It’s also a good idea to have an atlas in you pallet which you can swap to if you get caught in the freeze, that way if you can’t break free the atlas will take the hit cna you can continue on

@LazerRay @TEN-SQUARE-3 It's not about Shiva's shield counter, but about the wide area attack that doesn't let the player get outside of that wide area.

@Janus-0 One easy way to survive it is to save your photon blast for when she uses that attack and hold the PB button, you're invulnerable when holding the PB. Note that you can only hold it for a bit, the PB is automatically unleashed after a short while, so you have to time it right (holding it before she stuns you).

Other than that, pretty much just dodging at the right time, I guess.

@Ezodagrom said in How to survive Shiva final boss phase 2?:

Other than that, pretty much just dodging at the right time, I guess.

You can also be out of range if your class allows it.

@Ezodagrom I've considered PB and DB but they're both phased out in the sub pallet so I can't click or use it during the battle.

When is the right time to dodge then? I can't find an english guide for this boss at all.

@Janus-0 Like all thing designed to kill you, you just gotta bend over and take it to see when you get hit. That's "challenge" to some mooks.

The answer is simple, you just move away.

I saw the massive circle forming, clearly a danger sign, and the first thought was to move away. And behold, danger avoided.

Not a dodge, but a full blown dash to the empty side of the arena.

idk about the radius of the IKO, but one of the conditions is to NOT attack her when she finishes the voiceline, so as luster you have to stop locking onto her then book it as soon as you hear her say the line

dude i must have pumped over a million shots in to her over half an hr and barelt scratched her

You can also just play on Easy mode and kill her in 5 seconds. You still can get the complete ending that way.

it was on casual

still ran around for half an her pumping lead in to her. then 1 slip i hit her while she was glowing

@Sully-440 You either need to level up, need better equipment, or both.

tell me bout it

People are going to have a rough awakening when Primordial UQ comes out and literally everything can potentially one shot you.