Can someone give me a luster skill build ?

Anyone have a luster skill build to follow ? i can't seem to find one through google lol. thank you for your assistance!

As a main It's pretty straight forwards though:

Complete Rest: is usually useless since you never stay still.

Amplified Assist: I put 1 point in here for the 120sec max duration on shifta+deband

Voltage Reset Heal: I maxed this for utility but depends on how you play

The 4 passive skills at the bottom row are usually if yo use it as a sub

Use the remaining 15 points in whichever skill you want I guess.

Ignore the bottom row. Max everything but Eradication Restore (3 for prereqs), Volt Reset Heal, and Complete Rest. You should have a few spare points at the end to use as you see fit. Ph is really the only Scion class that has any tricks to the tree. Every other class is just "does it let me hit harder and is not on the bottom row? Get it."