Material Goldback

Hello everyone, does anybody know where to obtain Goldback material, i tried to dismantle 13 star units but they do not show up in the list, i saw some materials in the shop i could buy from other players, means it seems to be available, but i cannot find it anywhere + i am not able to dismantle 13 star units, any help with how to obtain these, ty vm!

You need to trade Silver Unit materials for Gold ones at the Craft Shop 1 (located at Kameo, the Swap Shop Specialist, located in the Shopping Plaza just below the entrance to Franca's Cafe); 1 Gold material requires 10 Silver materials.

oh oke thx for the info just need to figure now where to obtain the siveback :o!

Ps:. oh i think i get it so if i break back units i get silverbacks, if i break leg units i get silverlegs and if arm units i get silverarms oo, never noticed, thx m8 again for giving me info, i shall rise again, stronger and more powerfull then ever before.

There is no rare items, ONLY DEO!