hello,we can have a real pvp mode,like 1v1 or 5v5 with items from you inventory and your status,not like pvp from now,something like other mmorpg,real fight with rang and evrething

please bring this mode i the game

+1 pls:D, So that getting gear, it serves more than iterating against the sw

I actually prefer it the way it is. It makes it so that every player is on equal footing in PvP as it is now. If they changed it to the way you suggest, it would easily unbalance the system, especially if someone else doesn't have gear as good as yours.

the way is now is the most balanced kind of pvp there is, if everyone can bring their own equipment it will become a 1 shot fest even more with pets that can track down targets farther away than most weapons can.

Yes, make the PVP worse than it already is.

Would be nice if you could use the gear/skills/PAs that you're already working on. Damage can be scaled from the lowest geared person to the highest so the difference isn't overwhelming, but people should still be awarded for the time they put in. Would be pretty cool to see Alliances battling it out to see who's best in 1v1s- 8v8s. Tournaments can be held especially when we are waiting for new content to drop. It will really add a new dynamic to the game, rather than just grinding your gear to just fight UQs or have faster clear times when farming. Hopefully, they can do something like this in the future, I would definitely love to continue to see this game grow/develop.