Final Story Mission Conditions

Interesting and here I thought the story boss was a cake walk then again I am HU/ET lolol

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@VanillaLucia Hah! This is the kind of thing you get when the only purpose in designing an encounter is to get the player killed. Like anything like this, the only way to avoid it is to be clairvoyant or to have watched a video or being warned in advance. What amazing "skill"!

It doesn't take being clairvoyant. It just takes slowing down a little and observing when unfamiliar.

Enemies that counter also aren't exactly new prior to that boss.

Similar hit-red-barrier-equals-counter mechanic has been introduced earlier in the same episode on a luminmech mob, where they specifically told you that attacking it while it's up will result in a counter.

Don't bother. There's always bad leechers who blame and flame others. Many tried helping this guy but he keeps being mean to everyone.

At that point, you just stop responding to them, as nothing will help, it's similar to one kid i had to ignore who was blaming devs for divide quests conditions when he was likely secretly mad they weren't easily puggable so he could leech off others and wanted them easier. They just attack you and anyone who isn't agreeing with them.

But for the topic yeah she does have a very obvious cue when she starts speaking the lines, so you have plenty of time to back up. though oddly enough matoi will trigger it but she doesn't get one shot. though i SEE the full damage, it's kind of odd.

I forgot locking my divide yesterday, I lost to time because of some guy obviously playing Etoile because game is too hard for them without damage reduction.

This seems like a case of job hate, because i don't know why you felt the need to mention etoile. it would be like me saying "I lost to time because some noob came in as phantom obviously game was too hard for them without huge I-Frames"

That post was just odd.