Trading compensation suggestions

As the title states just a suggestion I personally would just like to have my premium extended for the time that trading was gone. I had premium the entire time but there are others that decided to stop buying premium due to trading being down and I don’t know if consideration for them was thought of or not the only reason I bring this up is because I run a fresh finds page on Facebook and it has been mentioned a few times today after I pointed out trading was back up.

I appreciate the work that you have put in to fixing this feature as well as keeping the game up thank you

I also encourage others to add their input to this post if you think we should get something other than an extension please say it here

I’d say something like character storage tickets for users that had premium for each month it was down. There were items that I didn’t feel comfortable with using a work around get get people their items. There were also times when I saw someone’s Wish List but didn’t want to seem creepy by asking them to come to my PQ for something. That would just sound sketchy to the other player. Alliances also have Meseta prizes for their own contests. Trading made it much easier to get them their prizes. Also, if someone wanted to make a deal for something on a personal shop, it was more reliable to do it through trades. Say if someone had Meseta and an item that they were offering for an item in your shop, you could pull the item and make the trade right there.