Bring old PSO2 AC Scratches into NA

TLDR, bring back old PSO2 ONLY scratches into the game permanently for SG/AC in a separate scratch menu, go back though the years selling 3 years worth of x series (Christmas series, valentine series, pso2 design series, etc) with no timer ticking down. I'm suggesting packs of 2012, 2013, 2014. packs of 2015, 2016, 2017 and packs of 2018, 2019, 2020.

I understand the collaboration stuff with IP's that sega doesn't own is legal puckery and licencing and all that fun stuff so all i'll say about it is i hope that NA gets new events featuring those collaborations (if we get it) and the scratch that comes with the collaborations outfits/layered wear/mags from the previous collaborations.

The main point of this post is for the AC scratches from 2012-2019. I understand there is a massive amount of content to translate and put into the game but even then, some of those outfits were damned stunning and i really miss them.

So. What i suggest is this. For the holiday/seasonal events like summer (beach time), Christmas, valentines, Halloween and all that fun stuff is the addition of two extra scratches during those periods. using Christmas as a example, during Christmas there would be a (Historical Christmas) or something scratch, with the Christmas wear/mags from 2012, 2013, 2014 in. Then there'd be a (Past memories of x(Christmas)) that would have 2015, 2016, 2017 inside. for the 2018, 2019 stuff though. i suggest either putting them into the 2021 scratch (as we have played this Christmas) or... put 2018, 2019, 2020 into a (it feels like yesterday) scratch or something.

The con to this though, is that i see it being a massive money sink. There are already scratches at the moment being released that people are spending or using SG for, and things like what im suggesting would be more resource intensive. Another idea is to make a 2nd scratch that has what i described above, the old scratches in batches of 3 and make it so they don't expire. 2021 Christmas for example would still only last a month before disapearing, but 2012-2019 would stay forever. The idea here is people won't feel a rush to try get all the old stuff they like and make it a drawn out thing.

This could also be spread to cover the stuff like oracle series stuff, the design stuff... honestly anything that relates only to PSO2 and isn't a collab.

Closing remarks.

I didn't mention the 'My Room' decorations because i'm honestly not fussed, but i acknowledge there is a decent chance will be people that do. I'm currently torn between suggesting putting those into these giant scratches containing 3 years worth of x (Seasonal, darker, design, etc) series stuff or just suggesting they go to one of the shops next to the funshop in the shopping area and just get bought with mission pass coins or whatever they are called, older stuff for older coins.

Some of the issues i can see now is more rare or niche stuff that only a small group of people like and everyone else doesn't know would make those rarer parts/outfits/layered wear cost insane amounts of meseta to get on the player shop (and please for the love of everything holy allow those items to go onto the player shop).

The final thing i want to stress is not to make any of these packs limited or timed. If it works like im suggesting here these packs will be absolutely massive, and its already hard enough to get the item you want, much less the colour you want. I do want to suggest adding a item that lets you change the colour of old items but i have no idea how people/traders will treat that suggestion.

I like the idea of having multiple scratches of the past years of events, as well as the idea of making them permanent, but combining them into one or two giant scratches causes issues with having way more filler in them than before. I think release all 8 years of past seasonal event scratches as they were originally, as well as all the Event NPCs and there free Partner Cards, but make the scratches all permanent or bring them and the NPCs all back every year. This game has a huge issue of many items never returning, and even when they do, there's no idea as to when it'll happen, and most of the time they don't bring back every item. Rare/old items end up becoming hundreds of millions of Meseta, then eventually sellers run out of stock entirely, so the item is essentially gone forever, until SEGA decides to bring back the item in a scratch, often times multiple years later. So if they were permanent, as you suggested, that would solve that issue. In this situation, sellers will still be able to make a profit as most people would move on to the newer scratches, so these old ones will still rise in value, even if they're permanent.

It would also solve the issue if they were all guaranteed to come back every year. In this situation, it should be announced as soon as possible that this'll be happening with all the scratches from now on, then sellers can prepare to sell their stock before it comes back and drops in price. PSO2 JP has had like 10 different scratches at the same time, so it should be possible, maybe they could even add more or make a second page if needed. They might even be able to do multiple individual FUN Scratches as well, rather than combining them into one. Same for SG Scratches, though they would need much longer expiration dates to allow earning SG, or a vastly increased SG income, which I think PSO2 NA needs regardless, since we have Fresh Finds which can be a much larger drain on SG than all the stuff in JP.

I also like your suggestion of of being able to color change the other outfits/layeredwear that are not normally changeable.

I'd say wait until NGS comes out, based on the way things work for outfits, you may not want all of those scratches. Some of them, may even have an NGS variant that's been in the works, so I'd say be patient, and wait and see.

NGS is not all some player want still play pso2 they should release all the old AC scratch include all the Collabs rn we only got the "trash" Fashion standard ...

and also you will never stay only in NGS becouse alliance base and some other things not exist in NGS.