Phantasy Star 20th Anniversary Event

Seems like they're celebrating PSO 20th Anniversary with an event on JP that gives Ragol Memories, Partner Cards for some characters, and a Towards The Future style quest.

Do you think we'll get this at all? It would be honestly kind of sad if we didn't.

I would hope so! I was wondering about this too. Anyone have a clear answer on this? I also want to know if we will get some of the limited-time quest events as well that JP recently had (can't remember the name, but you get free Grain Crystal doing it and stuff).

@DishSoap said in Phantasy Star 20th Anniversary Event:

Do you think we'll get this at all?

Let's see:

Ragol Memories

Maybe, maybe not. We're still missing many other exchange items (like this or that) so it's kind of in the air.

Partner Cards for some characters

probably yes

a Towards The Future style quest

probably yes

That being said I would have wished that they actually recreated parts of the previous game (with NGS graphics) instead (the PSO1 EP1 main "hub" and the forest for this year, caves for next year, the list goes on).

I really hope we do!

Maybe a watered down version

It's a full blown web link event with movie/illustration/story contest, and probably another boost week or 2 depending on how much score we can accumulate.

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Phantasy Star 20th Anniversary Event

I'd like to see the same set of celebrations. We might get it a little late in particular because Xia and the PSO2comi crew are here until the 16th, but the original Dreamcast PSO was released in pretty much all regions and I'd like to think just as fondly remembered. A 20-year celebration for Online would be just as legitimate and just as significant as in Japan.

It shouldn't matter if we get it a little late either - Japan already did. PSO turned 20 in Japan over a month ago, having launched in December 2000.

Speaking of series launches though, FYI the topic's title is slightly inaccurate since it omitted "Online". Phantasy Star as a series existed before Online; the original game released in 1987, which is why the Episode 5 intro in Japan celebrated the series' overall 30th anniversary:


This icon they created for it is actually really cool: The Phantasy Star text is the exact stylisation of the title on the original Japanese box. The musk cat behind the text is Myau, the spiritual ancestor to Nyau from Online 2 and the second Phantasy Star party member ever. That vial around his neck was used to save the third (Tyrone, localised Odin) which means the whole party was referenced in some way since the other two - Alis and Lutz - coming from the original game was very deliberately spotlighted in the first Episode 5 introduction videos.

Back to the 20th anniversary of Online though, I'd like to see much of what JP are getting. And obviously I'd like to see ARKS Ship Fire Swirl on Global, because even though the western services for Blue Burst and Universe suffered a terrible loss of content, we have never missed out on the Burning Rangers homage quests before. I believe we received every version of Central Dome Fire Swirl in PSO and it was rebranded Operation Firebreak in PSU. Getting it in Online 2 would not only continue that longstanding and beloved tradition but finally provide an opportunity to reference the localisation of Burning Rangers since like the original PSO that was released globally and highly praised too.