The problems global server has, and JP does not

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That wall had been hit numerous times in the JP version of the game, it's in more of a decline now as we see it here. Yeah, it's noticeable when you see the same set of people regularly and the same set of people selling their wares at inflated prices as well. Will this content keep people around? The way I see it, if you had little to no interest before, it won't change that opinion for those people. It'll only continue to interest us that play it for what it is, a mess of systems that try to get into everything, without fully making the game with a specific audience in mind. As it is now, it's either playing with virtual dolls and dress up, a hack 'n' slash or a way for experienced players to flex their knowledge or skill.

Look at a game like Warframe, it had done well for a while until it hit content draught, since it focuses more on the systems it had in place. PSO2 is not as focused as that or other games that retain a high retention rate for steam stats. Couple that with the dated look and design of the systems, it's going to be difficult to bring in players for base PSO2.

It's just a matter of what kind of philosophy Sega has going forward as the global release of the game felt more like an attempt to make some revenue needed to get NGS on track. The better question would be how Sega handles NGS going forward with the many ups and downs PSO2 had across the versions of the game they had released.

This is why I'm biding my time for NGS, and I've seen countless posts complaining about people who are waiting for NGS lol, simply because I see the expansion as a clean slate and the potential for Sega to fix what went wrong with PSo2, I'm hoping for a good experience, I just hope global survives long enough to see it.

I'm hoping as well, and that it brings in some focus instead of this weird set up they had for the past 8 years. More news in the coming months, so who knows.

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A boss fight from FFXIV? Or a guess now, just a monster you encounter. And you can't even do the EVA one anymore, so that's not really content that's counted.

People know that, that's why they didn't list it, also the EVA angel fight was trash.

As for the SAO, we might get it, we aren't at that point in Updates JP had Just passed that, so it's hard to say, but also hard to see us skip out on it given the hype that the series got outside Japan.

That's really grasping at straws, it sucks not to have everything as I would like to see PSZero stuff and PSO2es stuff, but we aren't missing a lot of actual content.

It sounds like you're spewing a bunch of excuses to me. "This doesn't count because X and Y." Honestly sounds like a load.

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I'm surprised we even got a SE collab with Nier: Automata, even if it was nothing more than cosmetics to dress our characters in more fancy attire that breaks up the usual scifi/sleek look. It would be nice to get more of that, it's not likely with how the past year was for Sega and whatever obstacles they would need to traverse to get those licenses to even distribute them on a global scale. Remember, this is no longer about Japan now, the rest of the world will have different laws for each country and region.

Yet we've still haven't got a collab for Yakuza 7 or Virtual-On. I'll give Virtual-On the benefit of the doubt because it was tied to RailDex but come on, Yakuza 7 was a big release for SEGA and they didn't even release a collab for it on NA.


I mean, it's just the fact we don't got everything ,but it's cosmetics, and that's not playable content.

Like I said for the Eva Angel fight, we missed it, but Japan also lost it. FFXIV Odin monster is also a thing, but we aren't missing major missions. Or actual PSO2 stuff.

If you played JP I think you can still use your triggers for the EVA fight? They gave out like 99 of them, If not just watch a video, it's bad like Space Magatsu.

It's just collabs.

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@Amari-Kigu If you want to play JP so badly then do it but stop doing lies and trying to fish new players from here. A lot of people just don't care for Japan.

Has for Collab? What Collab? Buying AC for a outwear or costume from attack of the titans or fairy tail?

As far as I'm aware the only collab that brought any form of diversity to the content was only Odin with FF14.

So how about you actually bring factually correct points next time instead of giving us crocodile tears?

If you read through the comments, you'd read that none of what I posted is lies. The truth is always true in the eyes of the beholder as they say, and that is why white knights often attack anything and everyone who critiques something they feel they must adamantly protect. None of my post is a lie, not one single bit...did I inflate the truth a lil' bit? Maybe....maybe not, the collab list since 2012 is actually pretty extensive, each collab has added content some more than others, this content whilst some people might seem unimportant....its still cut content, exclusives and significant class rewards.

JP Server collabs include and not limited too;

  • Madaka Magica
  • Hatsune Miku (Global)
  • Nier Automata (Global)
  • Fate Stay Night
  • PSU (Global)
  • PSP2i
  • 7-11
  • Shining Resonance
  • Shining Blade + Other Shining games
  • Hyper Dimension Neptunia
  • Sega Hard Girls
  • Space Battleship Yamato
  • YuriYuri
  • Irregular at Magic High School
  • Virtual-on
  • Yakuza
  • Attack on Titan
  • Konosuba (Global)
  • Frame Arms (Global
  • Disgaea series
  • Guilty Gear/Blazblue (Global)
  • Mikagura School
  • Aria the Scarlet Ammo
  • Tales of Zestria
  • Godzilla
  • Sword Art Online
  • Final Fantasy series
  • Evangelion
  • Sakura Wars (Global)
  • Persona series (partial global)

And about 50+ others each adding various levels of content, the point is that white knights who just say its just a mere collab.... each collab adds content, in the form of quests, limited quests, bingo cards, AC scratches, free collab related clothing, limited time rewards for quests, boosts and more, the collabs often add way more than people give credit, look at the Sakura Wars collab on global...imagine that x all the other collabs global never got? Sure, not all collabs went overboard like that, but some of them did.

And some of the collab content is available, last year on the fresh finds one of the Hyper Dimension Neptunia outfits appeared once.

Also, I've played MMos for 20+ years now so I know how licensing effects collabs but still, kinder a slap in the face especially when the collab adds content, or access to gear/items and the English servers for the same game don't get anything to make up for it.

Some of the collab stuff, I'm half expecting to see that when they re-release that in JP intended for use with NGS, unless I looked at the wrong sources and translations. I know that some are getting a revival in the coming months with those body type changes, but not to the extent they're not willing to share with the global community. Considering that this version of the game has been highly secretive about updates until the day before.

SO I want to make a point on Summoner as a class.

Where are we behind right now, honestly?

The only sweet I can think of right now that we are behind on is that we still don't have is Conversion Rolls.

If we forget about conversion rolls for a second, we actually have sweet boxes comparable to JP besides 2 weapons, (one from the (((spoilers))) boss we don't have yet, and one from CM we don't have yet) and we are missing 1 parfait from (((spoilers))) boss.

The list is true for every MMO at some point. I don't see any solutions in your post, so I can't offer meaningful discussion. Things like rushed content were already told to us since last year; all the things listed are no surprise. Also, this doesn't make sense: "Another issue that global has, is simply put - veteran players AND especially the vets who capitalize on that knowledge to rig the markets for greed and to generate meseta further messing up the markets." In real life when you go to a store or like a car dealership or anything; it's based on the buyer and the seller. This is not a problem with the game. Most of your problems are not with PSO2, they are actually with people in general... I can list many examples to your list that correlate to real-life situations if needed.

Also, declining player base isn't a factor to complain or control about because it's out of your control (can't control; no sci-fi stuff and no mind control memes). For SEGA to be successful (such as their assets to debt ratio) is for PSO2: New Genesis to bring back old and fresh new players; not cater to the old PSO2 and bring new players to the old PSO2. Vanilla PSO2 is still there; so I'm grateful SEGA cares about keeping it and I love that part. Let SEGA deliver first, before talking about past problems that are irrelevant. Forcing an orange to be an apple and comparing the apple on how to be an orange is not valuable information.

@Amari-Kigu See, content is quest, and not every collab added that, that is actually rare. Also We did get the PSP2I stuff, and we got the Shining Resonance stuff also. We got some Yakuza stuff, just not the Y7 stuff yet.

Are we talking lobbies, I mean I wouldn't count that as content, you really are stretching the truth on what those collaborations did bring, and that's pretty bad faith argument you are trying to hold.

I guess to add to that, we only got one part oft he PSU collab I believe. I haven't seen Emelia or Vivienne and that was supposed to have some actual story, wasn't it?

There were also other collab-exclusive bosses besides Odin and the Eva angel. I don't know about the Eva angel, but bosses like Odin actually stuck around in random Emergency Codes on exploration. We're also missing a lot of limited and urgent quests that, due to time, were simply never released. There was this awesome Lilipa event that involved multiple bosses and culminated in fighting Big Varda on the acutal Lilipa overworld, without an arena separator. There is also a Gal Gryphon UQ that recreates his original PSO1 fight, that we never got.

A few fields like Forest got an Xtremely Hard difficulty in JP too.

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@Amari-Kigu See, content is quest, and not every collab added that, that is actually rare. Also We did get the PSP2I stuff, and we got the Shining Resonance stuff also. We got some Yakuza stuff, just not the Y7 stuff yet.

Are we talking lobbies, I mean I wouldn't count that as content, you really are stretching the truth on what those collaborations did bring, and that's pretty bad faith argument you are trying to hold.

I'm not really stretching the 'truth' that much though, thats the issue. The people defending are ignoring the glaring issues and/or sidetracking them, I'm not that good at writing massive spiels about the issues of the game, I'm not a poet or a master writer either 🐷

Also someone mention conversion rolls for Melon pets, this is one of the issues but not having reasonable access to some of the important parfaits is also a problem and this fact has been ignored by Sega, even though its been asked and requested as early as last November without any definite solution to this problem, Summoners are not exactly in a good position at the moment with brick walls all around them and this has been a constant struggle for the class, before it was access to certain eggs, then certain sweets....the class has been heavily neglected by Sega, but that could be said by several classes which have been largely ignored like techers.

Every other class has access to Atlas, Liberate etc etc which can be reasonable affixed and equipped with some good enough S-affixes, throw in some reasonable okay units and that player is mostly set, because everything they need is readily available but summoners don't have that access, look at the cost of Support Rolls for another huge example.

I also believe there was a Gundam collab too which had content, the case and point is that global has missed out on a lot of content that has made a definitive impact on the JP server, in terms of..well everything. A collab is great at distraction, distracting you from the daily grind and gives you, the player a sense of still progressing forward even if its a merely cosmetic reward sometimes, one of the reasons why a lot of people have quit or gone on haitus is because of the brick walls in progression. Most of the JP and veteran players often set personal goals to achieve as a method to keep that feeling of progression moving forward, but what happens when you reach those goals and setting new ones starts to become for a chore than fun? Sure, everyone wants 8s BIS Guardian gear for example or perfectly affixed OP weapons but the reality of that, is only a small selection of players will ever achieve that and the majority who do have thrown down some serious whale money to reach that point, what happens to the rest of the players who start to realize that getting that BIS gear...probably isn't going to happen.

And sega is wondering why people go to RMT instead of spending on AC scratch to resell for mesta... all their money making collabation are not on NA.

@_Flux_ You can buy vivienne's stuff, and you can exchange for PSP2i stuff in the mission badge shop. We didn't get them sitting in the lobby, or the events related to them being there.

We are missing PSZERO's stuff completely. Annnd PSO2es

Other related bosses, were the MH monster, but he was taken out as teh deal broke apart. And the Shining Knight monster, but we have him anyway in our Extreme Quest.

Forest did get harder modes, as Risk explorations. The limited quest, sure we couldn't get them anyway, since gotta go fast, but that's okay. They were just crazy spawns or repurposed maps. Like we currently see with our Valentine event.

A lot of UQ's we missed are a result of content becoming irrelevant to progression, maybe once we hit the stall point, we'll see some of the non progression ones hit. We actually aren't that far away from JP. So at some point it's going to stop.

We might get another spike in players because of Luster/rest of ep 6, I think that’s enough to get us to NGS.

I would love to have the collaborations, at least ffxiv and madoka. 😞

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Even with an infinite number of class cubes, there are only about two keys. Let's do Change Weapon Category.

I think there is about 3 key rivalates you can get, one for free - title reward and gold pass reward. Still though, that still means you need 1200 class cubes for all three liberate weapons, so if you decide to work on a weapon for an entirely different class you don't play....400 excubes is significant, for most players who have been playing one class exclusively should already have hundreds of excubes for that class and I can't see many getting multiple different liberate weapons for the same class?

The reason I mentioned this is because it limits your options if you decide to fully change class entirely, change weapon category would work but still, investment ...meseta + time especially with the next phase in ep6 coming?

I have 1300 ranger excubes. My issue is its over one stack so its burning 1 extra storage slot. What to do with them...