Unable to see friends offline charcaters to pick?

so I have friends who play. when they are offline I go to missions and when I click on the friends tab its empty. they also don't see my character or each others when offline. Is there a setting we must change?

I think you should be able to change the options to like Pso2 friends (online), pso2 friends (offline), Xbox live friends (online), and Xbox live friends (offline)? I can't check right now but yeah oIthink there's a setting/option to chance.

@SpookyOh Just to be sure, you and your friends have registered your Friend Avatars at the Visiphone?

Friends have to be added individually by character if you want them as AI Partners. You may have added only their ID, and not their character. You can add characters to your friends list even while they're offline as long as they've logged in at least once as said character.