Where to trade these items in at

Hello everyone. I'm a hu/fi and bo/hu soaring blades kinda guy. I have 999 goldest and goldgrimo. I have no use for ranged and technique weapons. Can i exchange them somewhere for goldnia and sapphard?

Thanks everyone

Edit: My bad I misread. You could always sell them for meseta.

I don't think there's any way to type-change exchange or crafting materials between melee / ranged / technique for weapons or between back / arms / legs for units. If there was the market prices for the former would probably be closer together.

You may be best placed just selling them on the player shops and using the meseta to buy the ones you want instead. Of course this is slightly lossy due to the 5% sales tax but probably the bigger issue for you is Goldnia tends to be more expensive than Goldest and Goldgrimo since there are far more melee weapons than ranged and technique and consequently more demand.

Ok. And I need to be a premium member to sell on the player shops right?

@UmemeMfalme No you can just roll the FUN scratch until you get a Shop Permit.

@DishSoap hmm. Now where do i do that? I've been off for months and just got back on 5 days ago. Lol

@UmemeMfalme You can get FUN tickets in the EX-cube shop and you can access the FUN scratch like you would any other scratch.