Help with Chaining Another S-Roll Arts

Video Link for Reference

This is one of several many videos I recall watching recently where a Gunner demonstrates being able to use Stylish Roll or Another S-Roll Arts (my apologies for the fan-translation terminology) repeatedly without ever triggering the third roll that slows down the animation significantly.

The timestamps in that video are the following for quick reference:

  • 1:30
  • 2:05
  • 2:50
  • 11:45
  • 13:45

I will not be listing every instance of this happening but I have been curious of how players are able to repeatedly use Stylish Roll without stopping to use the third normal attack or use a photon art in-between to pause movement. The only "clue" I have had is that after the second Stylish Roll you could potentially charge up a photon art like Aerial Shooting and then cancel the charge with a Stylish Roll but that does not seem to result in looping Another S-Roll Arts mode several more times afterwards.

I have been wary of asking for help with this simply because it seemed as though this was "common knowledge" especially for the Forever/Eternal titles and for general gameplay and I remember being shamed for not having "smooth enough" Another S-Roll Arts shots when I was originally learning the game with the Gunner even on the Japanese side. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

It is just as simple as using a different action to then reset the chain of S-Rolls. For example, at 1:30 (EDIT: and throughout the video, really), if you are looking at the Weapon Palette, you can see that they used Satellite Aim (you see the PA light up and a few frames of the pose), which they then immediately interrupted by going back into S-Roll.

This is basically the only thing I can do well as Gu.

Using a chargeable PA, do WA->tap PA->WA->hold PA-->WA->release PA->WA->hold PA-->WA->release PA->WA->hold PA and so on. Holding the charge PA activation for every other roll after the first means you only need to time the WA input late enough to break your S-Roll combo count. It's a much simpler rhythm than re-inputting the PA as well, since it just loops roll->hold, roll->release after the first one instead of having a 1-1-2 for roll, roll, cancel.