Can you upgrade the items in mission pass already?

Well here's hoping they come in mission pass 13. I think our mission pass 12 was similar to jp's second and third "battle" pass which had those said items, but our version lacked them (in terms of player power). We got 300 Luminfragment Emel in our pass 12. Jp got 300 Luminfragment Emel in their pass 3.

More info:ミッションパス/終了分

Further elaboration: We have these in our mission pass Affix augment (Melee) Affix augment (Ranged) Affix augment (Technique)

with Luster and the final urgent quests coming soon, those should be replaced with

-Add ability (Sentence P)

-Add ability (Sentence S)

-Add ability (Sentence C)

-Add ability (Aether S)

-Add ability (Factor C)

-Add ability (Omega M)

-Add ability (Reverie C)

and added to the mission badge shop along with other mission badge items.

-Add Ability (Astral S)

-Add Ability (Aether F)

-Add Ability (Mana Reverie)

-Ex tri boost 100%

-1million exp tickets

-triboost 150%

-Enhance cap +1

-gold and silver medals

-badges (i guess riising badges)

More info:交換ショップ/リサイクルショップ#missionbadge_recycle

This shop with these items was added the same day jp got their first battle pass (which is more behind than our mission pass). Also with the new extreme quest coming, jp had access to these items (for awhile before hand) and we should as well.

I guess we'll see tomorrow, for now this topic stands in hope that if not, it will be soon. JP had this shop when 95 was their cap, the 100 cap is coming ourselves. This is overdue.

They've been doing this slowly over the passes, there's not that much junk any more. Some definitely still exists of course, but they are most certainly aware of this.

Yeah, the JP version of the game, specifically the community, has been in a very different place than the global client. Their mission pass encourages extremely casual gamers to get to end game quickly. Our mission pass is more for regular gamers, so it's less filled with free hand outs.

The global version of the game does something similar to the JP mission pass with campaings by just outright handing players near top tier gear. Compared to previous games I've played our mission pass progression and event handouts have been very satisfying.

JP mission pass definitely less fashion items (and 0 cast parts) but it is also getting long season duration. Only on season 4 right now and it's 9 weeks duration when you can nearly finish the whole thing in 2 weeks.

They actually added those items to the shop.

The mission pass itself still has

  • Affix augment (Melee)
  • Affix augment (Ranged)
  • Affix augment (Technique)

Also, the JP Mission Pass gives at least 120 Mission Badges each season, and 3 Rainbow Keys rather than 1. I haven't seen this season's Overrun Tiers, but from past seasons the NA Mission Pass only gives around 70 Mission Badges (if you claimed all the cosmetics), and from what's visible in this season so far, there's only 70 Mission Badges again. They should really implement all of these, and your, upgrades.

Also, I'd like to suggest chaining the Personal Quarters (My Room 3 Days) Passes that JP has into Personal Shop Passes. Since Personal Quarters Passes only cost 1 Excube each, it's a sort of useless reward, and Personal Shop Passes are hard to get from FUN Scratch, and can't be bought with Excubes, so it would be a much more worthwhile reward.

JP Mission Pass:

NA Mission Pass:

You'll be all pleased to know Affix augment (Melee). Affix Augment (Ranged), and afffix augment (Technique) are in mission pass 14! 😛 Ty for changing them Segac! Oh wait. Can't think of any reason for these to not have been updated at this point besides a "segac forgot" or "segac don't care".

Seems like a lot of things seemingly are missing from our version of the game.