Is there an exp boost limit in this game ?

Is there an exp boost limit in this game ? and if there is what is it at so i'm not wasting any boosters because of the ultra pso2 day event. thank you for any answers!

As far as I can find, no, there is not a limit on EXP boost, so you can use your highest combination of boosters without worry.

I do not believe there is a limit but you may want to be careful about some items that do not stack with others (EXP Boosters, Triboosts, Meseta Boosters, and Rare Drop Boosters stack and on top of that you can have one EX Booster). Food applies separately, as does a Concert Bonus (if there was one), the Alliance Photon Tree Buffs, Daily Triboost, and event-related boosts all stack together as well.

Thank you guys for the replies!