Cooling time again.... (Not accepting new members right now)

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I rate the leader as HORSE / 10

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Don't be fooled by this imposter. Our leader's true name is RAYTHORSE!

Can't wait to play the real thing 😁



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Day 1 of posting until NGS :

NGS When 55d8fd05-7d41-482a-ad8b-0c037b776a06-image.png

Day 2 of posting until NGS :


I guess that answers that

We're still waiting for you XD

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Day 4 of posting until NGS :

Day 3 doesn't exist so here's a poorly made haiku written by someone who is Head Empty No Thoughts

What am i doing

Is this even a haiku

Dont know, probably

Day 5 of posting until NGS :

Oh right I almost forgot

I'll just leave this here for no reason