Cooling time again.... (Not accepting new members right now)

Ship 01 Feoh: FFC Remastered

Ah…yes…the name of our alliance has a deep history…Hey! Don’t pull me! Let me finish!!

Small alliance want YOU to join us! But we know! You are a VERY busy person so we have prepared a Too Long Didn't Read just for you!


  • Mainly Asian Players
  • Active Time Zone: GMT+8
  • NO specific active block
  • Causal Alliance (Will NOT intentionally aim for any rankings)
  • NO Discord. IN-GAME TEXT ONLY.
  • Aiming to remain as a small alliance (Active member 8~12 people)
  • Alliance Leader: Raythoas (L.M)📣
  • The ONLY joining requirement: To respect other members
  • Fluent English is NOT required (Can use symbol arts only to communicate)

Stat related:

  • Alliance Level 5
  • Photon Tree Level:
    • Attack up: 7
    • Defense up: 5
    • Earned EXP Up: 5
    • Earned Meseta Up: 3
    • Rare Drop Rate Up: 7


You! Hey you! Yeah you!

Congratulation on you for willing to know more about us rather than just have that boring Too Long Didn’t Read thingy!

So, let us introduce ourselves again! We are a group of causal Asian players from Ship 01 [Feoh] looking for a small but warm alliance. We do not aim to be the greatest or the most achieving alliance. We are just aiming for a small group of casual players that wants act like a brotherhood or even a family. So, we our goal is to be an alliance with 8~12 active members (Now 6 active members).

As we are mainly from Asia, we will mostly be active at GMT+8 time zone. We welcome all players from different part of the world. It doesn’t matter whether you are able to speak fluent English or not, you can even use symbol arts to communicate with us! However, it will be better if you are able to online at this time period, otherwise you may not see much of us around.

Okay, now you know what we are aiming for, but not knowing the people you will meet yet. So! Here we are going to introduce ourselves to you one by one!

Member Introduction (Player ID / Character name)

L.M/Raythoas Ray.jpg

“Don’t you ever stop….”

The Alliance Leader: Supposedly the most powerful and most respected one in the alliance

A weeb: Will add “-san”, “-kun”, “-chan” after other’s name

A horse / A pile of algae / Debuff on teammates *Comments from members

Locker630/Locker locker.png

“Hello there”

The swordman, the weirdo, the monster, the deity

The Alpha: Created the symbol for greeting others and own cult

ID explained everything, be VERY afraid



“I am shy >///<”

Damage dealer: If Alice is here, all missions will be a piece of cake

The most pure in the alliance *Self-proclaimed

You will NOT want Alice to “decorate” your room

Monstrum/Kirara kira.png


Clothing Coordinator: Have multiple clothing for different situations

Personality will slightly change when wearing different clothing

Bloodlust Within*Happily cutting off bosses’ limbs

Latata/SouthBall 123.jpg

*Silently enjoying tea

The most “normal” one: At least will not do overly weird things

Bow lover: Will not give up the bow

Not welcomed by Casino: Lost a lot from BlackNyau

September San/Ka3da kaeda.jpg


The Supposedly “Seiso” (Pure) one (Edit: Still the most seiso one, for now)

Will use a variety of Japanese wordings

Photographer: Have excellent skill on taking screenshots

Seirend/Seirend seirend.jpg

Status: No thoughts Head empty

Tea lover: Can drink tea at lobby the whole day

Only believes in physical attacks (Say no to magic)

Why heal when you can steal the HP back?

Miriimu/Mirimu mirimu.jpg

“Just a normal being here”

Photon Drink addict

Fashionista: Always changing accessories

Enjoy staying at café more than other places

Now you understood we are a group of players with some “interesting” quirks and personalities. However, we are not completed yet. We need YOU to be completed. All you need is to be able to respect others and enjoy small communities. Then you are totally the one we are looking for!

“So how do I apply?” “Is there any more information?” “I WANT TO SPEAK TO THE MANAGER

Its ok, we heard you. If you want to contact us, just go to that purple machine called Visiphone and type in L.M in ARKS search -> Player ID Name. Phone_3.jpg InkedPhone_1_LI.jpg InkedPhone_2_LI.jpg

Or you can go find the alliance leader in game. See that green thing with a large blanket? Yep, that’s the alliance leader, just go ahead and talk to it! Normally it will be in front of class counter at Block 034. You won't miss it! Ray_2.jpg

At the end, thank you for taking your time to read this whole post. We would be grateful if you also share the same wish as we do. We are waiting for you in PSO2!

pso20210402_225811_000.jpg pso20210311_230718_003.jpg pso20210216_231720_016.jpg pso20210216_213237_000.jpg

🐴 🐴 🐴 🐴 🐴 🐴 🐴

🐴     🐴

🐴 🐴 🐴 🐴 🐴 🐴 🐴

🐴     🐴

🐴 🐴 🐴 🐴 🐴 🐴 🐴 🐴


  🐴  🐴  🐴 🐴     🐴


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Greeting from fellow Asian. If you guys don't mind below-average-skill-ultra-carefree kind of player then I really interested in joining your alliance. Thanks.

Hello! If you want to join us, please find me inside the game!

@Miriimu Hello! Please find me inside the game via whisper chat! We can discuss inside game!

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