If you haven't done so already...

Please go and change your player ID from the default.

It is hard to tell who is who when everyone's Player ID is a randomly generated number.

To do so, choose the ship you normally play on. Before selecting your character choose SUPPORT MENU.

Then select the last option Change Player ID Name.

This option was free when I did it, I would imagine it is still redeemable if you haven't used it yet.

Having a generic Player ID makes it difficult to tell who is whispering, who is who in the Alliance Roster, etc.

There is an option to do it once, for free. After that requires AC I believe.

@John-Paul-RAGE Thank you for informing us of this. I wondering about those randomly generated I.Ds.

@Syrus-White no problem, I figured a lot of people forgot about it. Seen a lot of whispers from random numbers lol

Did it once, did it right. Thanks for the info on how to do it for others though.

Also to note me and a friend had a problem where the game said he was blacklisted but as soon as he changed his id we could whisper and party with each other again