Wrong keys for PSO2 ultra

We got Tokyo gold keys instead of Tokyo rainbow keys for the PSO2 ultra day, I think someone mess up a setting somewhere.


As you can see, the donuts are there, but not the rainbow keys, they are gold ones instead.

Nicee Segac!!!! Probably lack of communication or just not testing their game.

Same here just receive gold keys instead of rainbow keys...

I tried to contact their support for the same reason, but the options gone. I expect the reason is that they don't care to say anything other than "sorry but no" to everything anyway and will only focus on things with a rallying call behind it. In the Visiphone it says they should be 2 rainbow, but it gives 2 gold that expire 3-13. I didn't notice anything else being wrong from it but I have a lot of stuff in my consumable tab (including the triboosts it was supposed to give)

Apparently the bonus quest exp rates aren't correct either.

Thought i was tripping when i saw that...hope they fix it soon.