[Ship 2] Catalyst - [Semi-Hardcore | Endgame-focused & improvement seeking]

Alliance Logo

Alliance Name:

  • Catalyst


  • Ryko


  • AdventTJ
  • Roomba
  • Freaky Deaky
  • Bongo

Alliance Type:

  • Semi-Hardcore
  • Endgame-focused & improvement seeking.

Active Timezone(s):

  • International, mainly NA EST evenings (5 PM EST - 2 AM EST)

Alliance Description:

  • C a t a l y s t is an endgame alliance that accepts mostly hardcore players. We also accept players who wish to improve at end game. We prioritize the quality of players over the quantity of players. On a daily basis we run UH Urgent quests (12 to 36 man MPAs), various trigger runs, divide quests, ultimate quests, limited quest, etc.

Alliance Requirements:

  • 90 / 90+ main/sub classes.
  • Show up for alliance MPAs (Urgent Quests & Trigger runs etc).
  • Join our discord - our server is incredibly organized and neat; we even programmed our own Catalyst Bot that helps with events, signups, and lots of other quality of life features. Voice chat is not a requirement to join the alliance.

Discord Info:

  • Yes we have a discord, but voice chat is not required. Joining our server is a requirement though. We use discord as a means to organize our group activities such as MPAs, triggers, and other events. Some group events will require to be apart of voice chat though.

  • Discord, ask for a link

Interested in joining?:

  • Please reach out to an officer through discord or apply/message in-game..

/ / You'll find us in block 20 - In the Cafe \\

Alliance Info

We're super pumped for Luster and excited to grind for level 100!!

We're counting down the days till NGS. We're super excited for launch and can't wait to play with everyone!

We're still looking for more members to run content with. We've been spamming the latest Extreme Quest and farming for god units.

Mmmmm.... How about that SG scratch?! Who else got Shiva's eyes?

WTB NGS plz.


Time for another b u m p

All aboard the bump train!

bump a r i no

We maxed out on Rare Ranking!!

Congrats Cata!!!

alt text


Some of us have been having a blast in the PSO NGS beta.


b u m p b u mp b u m p b u m p.