Dedicated Blocks

The game could use the dedicated blocks, similar to how Japan PSO2 has it.

  • Blocks for beginners

  • Blocks for each difficulty

  • Blocks for Advance Quests (really badly)

  • Blocks for Extreme Quests

Maybe even a dedicated social block or community block?

In JP are the block assignments arbitrary/community assigned? Or is it an in-game label?

@Rantious in game. For ours it says "free play encouraged" but in JP they had names specifying the "intended" use of the block

Yes we need these in place now it’s such a mess right now trying to sort patty’s for content!

Yea I feel like it's going to be implemented by launch. I'm trying my best to help Sega have a solid launch and, for what it's worth, use my position as an Xbox user to help PC players have a more solid experience out the gate.