Arks Interception Silhouette for NGS (AIS)

As is stated, I haven't seen any information about this topic, and I will really like to know what the community thinks about it; as for me I would like to see new features, like being able to change your main and sub colors, also the photon color. As for the weapons, I would like to have the possibility of change the standar burst riffle to something like a semi-automatic riffle with higher damage but less rate of fire, or just a machinegun with a constant stream of bullets, maybe instead of just the common AIS saber, something like dual sabers, samallers but faster, maybe with less damage, or maybe a great AIS sword which deal a lot of damage but also being pretty slow; that kind of things, but this is only my wild imagination, what about the rest? what do you think guys?

The thing about AIS, is that if we're going to customize them I want Sega to go all the way; it should be like an extension of my character and I should be able to make it do all sorts of shit. I don't think they're going to do that, because it's too much work.

So far as the realistic implementation of them goes, I don't want them. The ideal compromise for me would be if AIS were just a skin and we used our normal PAs and weapons with them.

no one knows if AIS will appear in New Genesis, hell we don't even know if Summoner will appear in New Genesis and sure it will be nice if we have our own AIS but is too soon to know if the gonna appear

If we get anything, it will most likely be some kind of reverse engineered DOLL, and have some IDOLA esque battles but like those Godzilla games. Each member using some kind of attached turret, on an arm, or having to push buttons together for an attack.


Now, seriously, with the current AIS Vega, it would feel like a waste to throw it away just like that now. I really hope we can have space battles too. They could repurpose the capsule we drop in like one and make it customizable.

Way to add in even more Xenoblade X vibes into the game, eh?