Partisan Focus

Hi all, so i got a question about the weapon talents in the hunters tree, the partisan focus, wired lance focus and sword focus, does the effect of these talents affect any weapon photon arts, because in the description it just says it affects the photon arts, but doesnt necessarily refers to partisan photon arts, wired lance photon arts or sword photon arts, so should i assume it is affecting all photon arts, or just the ones specific to those weapons ?

Focus Skills apply only to the weapon specified (the exceptions being Hero and Phantom, which have a shared Focus for all of their main weapons); each one will add a Focus Gauge to the weapon that is located just above the PAs like this:

alt text

Sword Focus increases by attacking, but is the only Hunter Focus that automatically reduces over time, and it will decrease charge time, increase range, or increase the number of hits depending on the Sword PA you are using.

Wired Lance Focus increases by attacking, and it increases the power of Holding PAs specifically (ie. Wire Driver, Grapple Kick, Heavenly Drop, Cyclone Driver, Twist Driver, Shocktether), and will decrease with every one used.

Partisan Focus increases by holding the Guard button or letting the post-Attack flourish complete, and it increases the power and range of Partisan PAs, after which the Focus will go down, though it will automatically recover if you let the post-Attack flourish complete.

So if i do not use one of those weapons i guess having the talent is a waste :0? Do not enjoy partisans so thought ide skip the talent and put the point somewhere else p.p.

Yeah, pretty much.

Much apreciated for the info and feedback! good to know these things! 😛