Maplestory 2 (NA and JP) is dead, what can PSO2 learn form its failure?

Maplestory 2 was also a sequel to an insanely successful classic MMO Action RPG that launched two years after PSO2 and now two years after the NA release, three after the Japanese release and five after its initial Korean release, in spite of the original Maplestory still puttering along in spite of it's tiny playerbase (at least on the NA servers, not sure about the rest), the GMS2 and JMS2 servers are being shut down, leaving only the original Korean release.

The problem with that game is that it didn't get proper support for a free2play game and they never bothered to make it worthwhile to play. Nexon is pretty poor lately when it comes to supporting their games. The only one they really keep up on is Mabinogi and even the original MapleStory. Their biggest issue was how they made it too different compared to the original game (basically going from a sidescrolling adventure game to a full 3D-like experience, which none of the fans really wanted in a sequel.).

@Ragnawind I've heard lots of different reasons for why the game died, like how they removed P2W mechanics but forgot to rebalance the game to make up for it. I'm sure NerdSlayer will do a Death of a Game episode listing all the reasons soon.