Alliance Member Count Expansion! (or groupchat)

On my ship alone I'm aware of at least 3 groups working with multiple alliances under a single banner. I host one of these groups myself and in its current state alliance administration is difficult to say the least, but the largest problem I have of all is that we can't all fit into one group chat or alliance chat.

Please consider raising the alliance cap or at the very least the group chat cap in the near future! It's frustrating making friends with new people, but not having room on my friends list, in my alliance, or in my group chat to accommodate being out-going. Among the potential quality of life changes this one is a constant issue for this group.

This other post does a great job outlining some of the other improvements that could be made:

The fact that we are in a constant purge of inactive players is kind of depressing, and it does not help that we are eventually going to hit a point where we don't have anyone to kick, while 100 seems like a big number the truthis that it is small for this type of game, I would personally settlefor 300 at least,while the dream is 1k, anythingmore than that would be hell to manage.

(Also do the devs really get this feedback?)

Agreed. At one time, I was in two group chats, but game limitations meant you had to keep switching the active group to follow both, so I eventually gave up and stuck to one. I would like either the size limit increased, or the ability to separate the different chats into their own windows so you could have more than one group chat at the same time.

I can certainly agree that things are a little rough as is for alliance and group chat sizes, though it is worth noting such an issue would be bound to get bad with constant growth without any other pre-established hard limits. Also as someone who doesn't much prefer larger groups I can't quite relate to feeling the same way, but I do think that it is worthwhile to improve something like this for the sake of those who do push these limits.

Having a more consistent way to communicate between these groups would certainly be to the game's benefit, especially considering the massive multiplayer aspect of this MMO we all play. It would be nice to get this with a slew of other quality of life improvements soon, especially considering that NGS is right around the corner. At the very least, it would be nice to see improvements such as this in that game, but seeing them in base PSO2 would be very nice as well.

I always thought its a dumb idea to cap out alliance / guilds I under stand why some games do it but always feels bad non the less

Really hope by the time NGS hits, this problem is addressed. What's the point of a group chat if they basically have the same limits as an alliance? I thought group chats were like discord servers where you can invite anybody and unify different people with different alliances and backgrounds.

By limiting them to the same number as an alliance, it's kind of repetitive and defeats its primary purpose.

For alliances, it seems fair to increase the limits to maybe 200-300? This really depends on the expected number of players in the future. But even then, Warframe comes to mind when it comes into proper clan tiering (their highest being 1000, but that's because there are about 30k people playing the game everyday compared to PSO2's ~5k (this is taken from steamcharts)). But who knows? We'll see when it does happen. I'm all for it because I'd love to have more friends around.

One thing I noticed though when it comes into QoL is that the devs are definitely taking pages out from other critically-acclaimed games like FFXIV and following their example. This is a good sign and it makes me think they're going to address a lot of things, including alliances and group chats. There's also the fact that they've formatted NGS's game flow similarly to an actual MMO, so this gives me something to look forward to.

Running one alliance / guild / clan in MMORPGs can be difficult enough, I can't imagine how hard it is when you have to split it in 3 or more due to member limit. Definitely something that should be changed, im all for higher limit for alliances and group chats!

I agree, there really should be an increase in Alliance size. I'm in an Alliance with the size of 5 members but we want to merge with a bigger Alliance but unfortunately they do not have room. We have been waiting for weeks for space to become available but its not not feasible trying to fit five more people into an Alliance that is already struggling with the current limit cap.

Coming back to this it definitely feels like the issue is still prominent. I also hope this gets addressed with NGS at least, but main issue of course is there are many things we want them to 'fix' in NGS by now. It wouldn't surprise me if there's disappointment to prepare for.

Despite my being efficient in organizing our group, even without any functioning in-game tools to do so, our group is constantly at maximum capacity in our alliance roster and in group chat! An increase to the alliance or group chat cap, or at least a promise that in NGS it will be higher, would be very welcome!

And again, in the post I linked above there are many other improvements that could be made, particularly those improvements to our alliance management systems and data availability! Please please give this request some attention and allow our groups to breathe a little!