Can Force and Techer Use Resta Techs in NGS?

Resta Signs and Reverser Signs, technically EVERYONE has those techs.

also everyone has Ryuker, as well.

Shower thought here: My main concern with that setup stems both from the talent trees and what we have now.

In vanilla PSO2, non-Techer buffs were basically discouraged because Techer buffs are better than normal buffs by a large margin. This led to Shifta and Deband becoming Techer exclusive in NGS.

I worry a similar situation will prop up for Resta and Reverser signs, because Techer and Force will have talents that buff their effects. Right now it just makes them AoE, but that alone would encourage MPAs to give all the signs lying around to the local Techer or Force, because they can heal more than just themselves with it. If there are additional talents, it could lead to some toxic situations. Say, some newb who is neither Techer or Force picks up the signs because they're on the ground and you're kind of encouraged to pick that stuff up, he gets yelled at by the MPA for potentially screwing the run.

For this reason I think pickup signs should be open field only or instanced (that is, they only spawn for you personally and nobody else can see 'your' pickups). In an action RPG with hotseat large scale battles like this, it's easier for everyone to have us manage our own resources instead of the resources of a bunch of random people anyway.

@_Flux_ I think the signs are instanced, like item drops (that is, when one player picks a sign, I don't think it affect the signs of other players).

@Ezodagrom That is excellent news if the case.