Can Force and Techer Use Resta Techs in NGS?

That's basically my ultimate question with the game but since this is beta in Japan right now. I'm already guessing that you're not able to learn new Arts and Techs during the test, but if I'm wrong about that and you can learn other abilities to use in battle during the beta, that still leaves the question if Resta as a tech is pretty much gone since the type of weapons you have are set during the beta. I'm really hoping for "that it looks that way, for now," but I will be disappointed if it is gone as a tech, so I'm looking for confirmation on that if it is true or not, even if it's early in the development and things can change from here and the future and far future.

No, but Force gets a skill that makes them using the "Resta Sign" aoe.

(Resta Sign is a consumable like current mates as those are gone these are the replacement, that you find more in the field)

Techter is also the only one who can cast Shifta & Deband, they are one thing now and also a main skill for them.

It appears that both Force and Techer have skills that turn Resta Signs into AoEs. The Techer's skill also seems to increase the amounts healed.

For the time being, I personally do not miss Resta because it at least pushes the player into playing more nicely (and from what I have seen every class is equally capable of dealing damage and avoiding damage) so this isn't exactly a situation like the original Phantasy Star Online 2 where a class like the Ranger and Force had to avoid attacks and enemies in a very different way compared to the Hunter or even the Successor classes.

One of the obstacles I feel that gets in the way of "difficulty" in Phantasy Star Online 2 is currently that in the context of Ultra Hard everything ends up being "get one-shotted or take very big hits that you can fix with a Resta/Megiverse/Mate" until you pick up the Etoile where suddenly then you're just tanky enough to take a few hits and negate the need to really play "smarter," defensively, or evasively when you can face-tank everything. From what I have seen in New Genesis, the enemies have been retooled and balanced in such a way that taking a hit seems to matter in that you don't have "infinite access" to something like a Resta that will facilitate sloppy play. All the classes existing have such a range they can attack from and also the means avoid taking damage that it definitely seems like a heavy-handed push for players to get better, at least for the time being.

In other games like Dragon's Dogma Online the healing classes have the ability to heal health but the maximum health restored gets reduced the further players take damage so you will eventually no longer get to 100% restoration until you use an item manually. This gets circumvented with a sort of power-creep far in the future where a very hefty grind eventually granted the pure support class the ability to restore health beyond the maximum damage threshold.

In closing, I do not exactly see this as so problematic at the moment largely because the Resta Signs are so easily obtainable through the field and during combat that I haven't seen any players really "struggling" to deal with the content because it was always relatively easy to heal and revive others without too much difficulty.

What about HP reg effects from weapon potentials / SSAs?

@VanillaLucia Is it known what they will do with moon atomizers? 'Cause they should be much more limited in my opinion.

@Yggranya From what I have seen Moon Atomizers still exist but I do not know exactly where those are obtained (I do not know if those are the yellow points that show up on maps). The videos and streams I have seen pretty much always had players with plentiful Moon Atomizers that work like the new Resta Signs do (no animation, instant-cast, and you can just drop it and walk away while your allies rise up) so I do not know if those are actually limited or not. If they are, I can imagine the Techer's revive skill might actually be relevant if it happened to be a thing but from what I recall it is not a part of their current skill tree.

@VanillaLucia If I'm not mistaken, the green signs are resta signs and the yellow signs are for the revival consumables (dunno what they're called in NGS).

If I'm remembering right (I can't remember where I read it), they are called Reverser Signs, like the Tech from the original PSO.

@AndrlCh Ah, thank you, makes sense they would have that name.

@Ezodagrom Yeah, but then again, they could have gone the PSU route and called the Giresta Signs...

@AndrlCh Hmm, giresta was a bit different, since other than reviving it also had the HP regen part.

@VanillaLucia Well, if they will still make UQs in NGS, would be nice if people couldn't fill their pockets with easy resurrection. Anyway, thanks.

@Yggranya Emegency Quests (now called "Urgent Quests") still exist in New Genesis and are full of the Resta Signs and the yellow signs (and likely the Reverse Signs as they are called) around the arena. Healing doesn't seem to be something difficult to come by but it's not infinite from what I have seen.

It looks to me like Resta signs and Ryuker signs have essentially replaced recovery items and techs.