I'm sick and tired of people "Waiting for NGS" and absolutely do nothing at all in PSO2.

Pso2 is a good game on it's own. Dosn't deserve such a treatment from the Player Base. If you don't wanna invest in it, grind and experience Story and Content wtf playing at all? I'm sick of having people using "NGS is coming soon" as an excuse to justify their absolutely shitty investment into PSO2. I do agree gear is not required, but, lobby afk and being deadweight in UQ just 'cause NGS is coming soon.. well, i can't stand it. There's so much to do in PSO2, i wish people would show it some more love. Besides, event ough the BETA is here, and i'm one of the BETA testers donw in the JP servers, i can say without too many worries, NGS got a lot of issue. Atm, is a far inferior product to PSO2,. Yes, the new stuff, models and general feeling of the gameplay feel great, but, on the technical side i did experience a shit ton of issue, frame drop, freezes and costant stuttering. (i have a rig with a 1080TI and a 5th Gen I5, 12GB of RAM and it runs like shit). There's not much to do, outside grinding for levels and explore the world, and some classes need more tweaks then others (it shows that Fi, Gu and Te did got implemented later in the Development cycle).

What i am trying to say, in a ranty way is, don't play PSO2 if the only reason you do play it is NGS. Or if you do, at least try to enjoy the game for what it is. No need for the absolute best stuff or to go down the MEAT route with High End affixes, but, at least, to not afk during UQ and answer when called out "LUL WHO CARE'S? NGS COMING OUT SOON"

A lot of people afking in lobbies have already done it all, no MMO is exempt from the stagnant stage before a huge content release like an expansion.

@Milk said in I'm sick and tired of people "Waiting for NGS" and absolutely do nothing at all in PSO2.:

A lot of people afking in lobbies have already done it all, no MMO is exempt from the stagnant stage before a huge content release like an expansion.

Lol many people did do most of the game 100%, and many people claim to and havent done jack, or just dont want to because a new game exists. Hes not wrong, but people did 100% it regardless.

Personally, I want to see an idle kick timer added. I hate loading into a full block, even with a nice PC. Mostly because I hate you all ❤

@fabioffxi said in I'm sick and tired of people "Waiting for NGS" and absolutely do nothing at all in PSO2.:

What i am trying to say, in a ranty way is, don't play PSO2 if the only reason you do play it is NGS.

"GRRR look at these new people I bet they never played OG PSO2, how dare they come into NGS without playing far superior version."

People shouldn't have to play through it, it doesn't lessen the worth of PSO2, it doesn't take away anything.

I feel no different towards others who want to experience their new adventure in NGS. If they're have fun, I'm having fun. How PSO2 still is in terms of menu jankiness and vertical progression/affixing are valid reasons why people might want to wait in hopes of it getting better.

edit: im a dummy and react too fast oops

@Riesz You absolutely right, my bad OP.

I'll leave up my stupidity tho. But to add to those folks that are lazy in UQs, why are they doing it in the first place? Might as well just, you know... wait until it comes out?

@Velveteer exactly that's my point. I get that a lot of people, including me did almost 100% of it, if not 100% of the content (i'n my case stuff added on late EP6, i didn't experience it, 'cause i stopped playing JP 2 months after divide release, i've got burned on the Stil Farming) but that's exactly what i ask myself, perfectly fine to not invest in gear or stock on fashion for NGS, i mean, i didn't go all out either, but, why join an UQ or any other quest if you don't intend to play? Why sitting afk in the seasonal UQ leeching from others? Just don't play.

Don't tell people how to play an online game. If you feel what they are doing isn't right by the rules, report them and move on. You should find a group of like minded people and try to do UQs with them if you have an issue people are "afking because NGS". The more plausible answer is people are afking because they want to leach. Like they did in Buster Quests.

NGS is the Burning Crusade from World of Warcraft. Ep6 is pretty much Naxxramas, the final raid before the expansion.

I'll be happy afking in lobby and talking to my alliance and random people who come up to talk to me. That is how I see this game now. Besides Alliance trigger/challenge days.

This game had never any quality content and NG won't change that. Ship 3 is dead if you remove the 24/7 afkers. It's already hard to find ppl for divide quests.

It's also three days until maintenance day and the next season of Mission Pass.

I already got mine done last week. I need a short break from all the grinding, tbh.

This type of run drought always happens in high grind games. The more active events, the more player activity.

@Yui2387 Divide Quests are much more rewarding (and easier) solo unless you already have a team set up beforehand. I do not trust random players unless they are players I started from the beginning with and can quickly explain tips to (such as using the Phantom's Shifted Massenvernichtung to speed up crystal-based missions or for everyone to route enemies to a common point so we can detonate explosive enemies).

When you walk into a public group that does not know what they are doing not only is it that these runs take longer (everything is timed and your rewards are based on your overall rank including how far the bar actually reaches) so when you do not have the solo/smaller party advantages the entire team is expected to pull their weight. When one person is leeching or unable to pull their weight you will see a very noticeable dip in performance for a run as it becomes very hard for one person to replicate the power of two unlike how Emergency Quests can be have at least three or four people out-performing the rest of the group. These are balanced much more tightly and personally to me are the sort of difficulty curve the game should have had but is unfortunately a bit too punishing for most players (as in perfectly-played Successor classes will struggle to do optimal damage even solo because you're expected to maintain that momentum for the best results).

And speaking as another Ship 3 user, I have absolutely no issues finding people for most of the relevant content runs and when I feel like it I have typically found groups for Divide Quests relatively easily as well. I am curious if you are talking about other content that you are struggling to find groups in.

The only part of this that for me is a bad hot take, is op complaining about people sitting in the lobby. It's perfectly ok to ask in it, just as it's perfectly ok to sit in said lobby and have conversations with people in it. The lobby is literally meant to be a social space for that reason alone. If we are talking about AFK players in UQ instances, that's different. Report those players, and move on. Either way this high horse needs to go. Rants like this are counter productive in regards to the community. You play your way, they play theirs, and short of leeching off of other players, you have no rights to tell people how to play.

@Ashe-Kinsilla I'm not telling people how to play an online game. And i did report. is the mindset that's wrong, and is also wrong to condone the attitude like you just did. There's nothing wrong in doing what you do as i stated above, there's somenthing wrong if you do it i PUGS, and even tough yes, the reason is they wanna leech, using NGS as an excuse is what triggers me, not the fact that they see the game in this way. Why bother affixing? NGS is coming. Why learning how to play my class? There's NGS coming. Why do anything at all? There's NGS coming. That's the wrong mindset, let me tell you. All good in waiting for NGS, chilling and chat with people, everyone get's is own fun, but, no, you don't run in PUGS and expect others to be "cool" with you 'cause NGS is coming. Also wanna add, is not me being at fault, for not being cool with people using NGS at the ultimate excuse for laziness and leechdom.

@Anarchy-Marine I think that, people like you, or rather, Americans, always behave this way. Where i stated that i expect others to play how i feel is right? Where am i telling somebody to act a certain way? Do wtf you want, don't use NGS as your scape doll. That's the meaning of thee post. You wanna be a leecher? Be one. You wanna afk 24/7 in lobby ? Do it. Don't claim you do it "'cause NGS coming soon" that's what triggers me. NGS is the ultimatee scape doll, excuse and go to argument to justify any kind of behavior. Kickeed a dude out of my alliance, that was buying Meseta and his justification was " why care so much? NGS is coming. " Is the wole "i do this 'cause NGS..." thing the issue, not what people do. I very wish people would be more honest with themselves, nothing wrong in above mentioned behaviors, even tough i don't agree with them, just, stop claiming is 'cause NGS is coming, 'cause, if that's the mindset, don't play PSO2, just play NGS when it comes out

NGS coming soon is a valid reason for some of that. Leeching is wrong no matter what excuse you have but a lot of people are looking forward to the newer playstyle of NGS, they don’t want to invest in gear for a class they don’t plan on playing very soon. We got free gear that is good enough for UQs at least, who cares if they affix or not? The UQs lately have been easy like fighting the giant ship, even on the highest difficulty it’s not hard enough to require custom affixing and the gear already came with some.

People are bored but they still have loved ones to talk to or new fashion to collect, that’s what keeps those bored players coming back to a stagnant period of a game. If they wanted to run current content then they would, they want NGS instead.

Aside from leechers, how are they hurting anyone?