Xbox One framedrops/freeze

Hi, I play with a friend (me PC, he Xbox One S) but he gets massive frame drops and screen freeze for several seconds on playing the game even with only interactions with NPC after 15 min or so into the game. He tried:

1. Restarting the game. (Fixes the problem for a few minutes 10 or so).

2. Restarting the console. (And that fixes the problem for the next 30 min or so) and the framedrops and freezing comes back.

3. He tried to lower everything in Display Settings and turn off all effects on Graphics Setting and that didn't help either.

4. Lowering the resolution to 1080 in Xbox Settings

That only happens with that game, other games run normal. The only way around it so far is closing the game and come back, and after a few hours, completely unplug the console and come back. But it gets really frustrating to keep closing the game and open it every 15 to 30 min.

Any fix or thoughts? Hope you can help us out.

there's no real way to fix it on consoles, unfortunately most of these issues are related to the coding of the game in the current engine, probably it will be fixed with the new engine but only time will tell.

When is this engine coming? I mean every single console player has the same issue? Seems like if hey do, developers should have addressed the problem and saying they are working on it right?

See whats worst is NGS is going to take a toll size, and graphical wise, I feel like console users like us will actually take the L and wont be able to play. But they dont seem to care so.

@Azriellr the problem is mostly related to Xbox only, the Japanese server in the PS4 doesn't have that issue even through there you can still see a dps drop here and there in certain moments but not enough to affect players, now when it will come who knows Japan gonna get the new engine in the middle of next month but Global is still a mistery.

@Lwyu for what I saw with the recent beta of NGS I don't think console players need to worry too much with the graphical demand, PSO2 don't exactly push the graphic capacity of last generation to the limit but I expect that the base PS4 and Xbox One will struggle on going higher than 30 fps.

@Azriellr said in Xbox One framedrops/freeze:

Xbox One S

There's no fix for this besides buying an Xbox One X or Series X. Since the Xbox One, and Xbox One S are running a scaled down client so that PSO2 can actually run on them. The scaled down client also has reduced physics as a result.

I play pso2 on the original Xbox one console but only get a bit of lag when a lot of people are in the same block as me but changing blocks fixes it sometimes there will be a brief freeze when one of my friends messages me from outside of the game but it's no biggie