Merge all the Ships to 1 Ship!

Since so much ppl dont play this game anymore pls merge the Ships to 1! The community of ship3 is so less, you cant even do some Trigger or any.

@HeadpatsSplashii Please God no, the lobby lag for Microsoft client users, primarily Xbox users, and any PC players not using the steam client, will get screwed over by the game locking up, or completely freezing.

Also, most players solo trigger quests, which is why nobody matchmakes. If you need help doing trigger quests, I'm on ship 3.

@Anarchy-Marine iam on ship3 (Headpats) and B1 is no more a trigger block maybe a afk block or dance block.

I hope ppl will do some Trigger soon. since 2 weeks no one do anything on B1.

hope that will change after lvl 100 cap and new content next week.

People still play but there's barely any point to running the current triggers unless there's something you specifically need. Divide quests spam is where it's at and it's mostly solo content or group with friends/ally. Playing with randoms is high risk since they generally die to stupid stuff and eat up all the lives.

Theres very little reason to do triggers at this moment. Divide quest and ship infiltration are pretty much more rewarding at this point. my alliance pretty much hosted luther triggers on b1 ship3 for weeks on end simply waiting for divide quest to come out. Now that its out we've got a better place to farm. I highly recommend you focus less on luther or whatever and more on divides anyways since thats where all the stuff needed for cras drops and not the triggers we've got.

@HeadpatsSplashii As the other users said, yeah, triggers aren't offering the highest reward pool, so you might be better off going with what they recommend, unless there was a specific thing you were trying to earn, such as the star gem from the title rewards. And as I said, I could help. I believe my user I.D. in game is the same as my gamertag, and by extension my username on the forums. You'd just have to catch me when I'm on.

I understand the frustration, but it's not as frustrating as trying to get from point A, to point B in a lobby, and having your screen lock up for seconds at a time. I play on console, so I don't have the option to switch to a steam client like PC users do. PC users confirmed in another thread, that Microsoft is the cause of such a lag, not the hardware I'm running it on, so until that could get resolved, it wouldn't be great if the servers all merged, as I could no longer play the game, and neither could anyone else on console.

Splashii is looking for a specific S4 from Mother/Deus trigger.

That shouldn't be a issue then since the solo trigger exists right? All S4 from mom/deus drop on XH too so if UH is too difficult for them they can just do it on XH.

You can buy a ship transfer, and switch over to ship 01. I told people this would happen but noooo they wanna start their own Econoooomyyyyyy, knowing damn well itll thin out when people decide to go back to black ops or gta disregarding the "IM SO EXCITED" vibe they had.

@Anarchy-Marine said in Merge all the Ships to 1 Ship!:

Also, most players solo trigger quests, which is why nobody matchmakes

not true, a lot of players still do trigger farm train like persona, luther, mining base and crimson dragon on ship 2 block 7 with pick up groups.

Alot of people are pretty much just waiting for NGS at this point, the ships will likely get full again once NGS arrives.

Naturally the ships populations will start to get lower again once people finish what there will be to do in the NGS launch content, but many will come back for updates... if SEGA were to start advertising content updates instead of focusing mostly on advertising scratches. =W=

i just hope they will do at least 1 server on NGS launch and open more if needet. look on Ship4 they open it becouse Steam launch but much ppl leave allrdy or just testing the game. there was no reason to open a 4th ship.

Personally I think that the ship system shouldn't exist at all, it's really stupid and just segregates people from playing with each other. Ship transfers are not a solution because everyone has their friend circles and people shouldn't have to gear up extra characters or whatever to play on other ships.

There are still great communities on Ship 3. Drop by B42 if you'd like to chill with us. I think there is also some on B50. The lower blocks are packed often, but most are AFK. You've gotta come where the active groupies are at.

@Matt I would absolutely love to see a merged ship option (or at least a way to separate our characters from "Ships" so we can pick a character and then a ship to log into so that I can play my main characters and meet friends on other ships) o to at least have the Universal Ship extended and expanded to allow for more than just Battle Arena and Challenge Mode. I would not mind having something like Endless Quests, Divide Quests, Emergency Quests, Buster Quests, Extreme Quests, Ultimate Quests, and Time Attacks being things we can hope to see as additional Universal Ship options just to be able to match and meet with other players.

@Strange To add to this, I do not visit Block 42 often but it always seems to be lively and friendly whenever I do end up there on Ship 3.