Some things to think about with Luster coming out in less than a week

Heyo! If you've seen the announcement you'll know Luster is confirmed for February 3rd! If you did not see the announcement. SUPRISE!!

Some things to keep in mind that you may or may not have known.

  1. Luster uses different "styles" bases on the element type of the weapon. If you are thinking about trying the class know you will need 3 Gunblades each with a different element if you want to try all the styles.
  2. The styles are: Fomel using Fire or Dark element - Baran using Ice or Light element - Zandi using Wind or Lightning element. I say this to you know so you can go ahead and get an element changer from the player shop before the prices skyrocket. I got mine a few weeks ago and they were like 400k each for a dark and a lightning. Alternatively you can find any 13 or 14 star weapon of the correct element in the player shops but that might be more expensive than getting a free millionaire weapon and just changing it's element.
  3. A lot of Lusters style and class upgrades are locked behind level. So I recommend saving any exp tickets and keys to try to level your new class fast!

That's about it. I am not a JP player so I know little about luster other than what I have read in guides. This is just a small heads up of some things you might wanna scrape together this week. Hope it helps someone.

This definitely sounds like it will be interesting to have around.

@Vexation Thanks for the info! I haven't read up on Luster much yet and this is all good to know while it's still Boost week 🙂

Hurray!! I probably will suck at playing it because the class is supposed to be advanced but my pink parasol camo is ready anyway. I can’t wait to try it!

Luster unlike previous classes, there is no class trainer, there is no tutorial in the training mission.

You had to go off official released info and just playing the class. Not sure if they going to officially translate this but Sammie translated the explanation video

I was about to use all my Gold Keys on my alt until I saw the announcement. To be honest I wasn't expecting Luster to come out this early, early to mid March were my expectations, but it's nice that we're gonna have it earlier

Since there won't be any class trainer does that mean we're getting the extra 14 SP from the get go?

@Meikoloid If we follow the Japanese side of things, Koffie will issue you the level cap trials and the bonus skill points with them. Considering that level cap trials don't exist at all on the global side I would still anticipate that Koffie will have the client orders for these with the level caps removed from the rewards instead.

Got 41 million exp ticket and probably 30(?) Gold key + 1 rainbow by the time Luster release

My body is ready

Ultra PSO2 day will be barely ending when its out too (known as Super PSO2 day in Japan) unless extended.

No info on it on the main site like Luster but if you go in game and check notifications at the bottom they mention it.

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If we get the same stuff Japan does (not confirmed)

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@Vashzaron wait if going with those bonus, isn't that mean bonus quest on top of receiving double exp from pso2 day, they also get another double exp for being bonus quests? Cause that a lot of exp

And remember that luster is a ranged class and his scaling skills are applyed only on his weapon and his mag so you might consider reaffixing you units if you have a mel or tec one