Zib bug exchange rivalate weapon category

When triying to exchange rivalate harmonizer to any other rivalate weapon zig (NPC) dont recognize the harmonizer as material weapon for the exchange.

Harmonizers don't have augments or weapon element, so can't be changed to other weapon categories. On JP server, there was a formal answer to label this "as specified", so I guess the chance they'll change this behavior is slim.


The answer is about the Trailblazer Xion weapons, but as a note, they say "To change Trailblazer Note Canxion to another Trailblazer Xion weapon, please revert the weapon to Founder's Amphitrite with Zig's change weapon category feature, then make the Trailblazer Xion weapon again."

Unfortunately, this is what expected in the case of Rivalate weapons too, I suppose.

Thnaks for the answer. It's fine then. Cheers