I've never had luck recruiting people to my alliance (Council of ARKS) on ship 1. As most of the times I actually did manage to get more members to join they never said anything and were never online (so I of course removed them). The only people that I managed to keep around because of that are my 2 current officers. I understand because of this my alliance isn't the most in demand to be the one to take over in a merge. You can find my last recruitment post on the forums here

Because of that I am asking to do so specifically with other small alliances (but if your alliance is bigger of course that's even better), I am not willing to give up leadership, or the alliance name, so I would be the one initiating the merge. If anyone is interested you can let me know in this thread and tell me your alliance's name.

If there was a way for me to keep my alliance on one character and join another on another character I would have done so already, but there unfortunately isn't.