Could we please get Afin's gear on NA version that are available in JP?

I found out recently that in JP version of the game they have released outfits and accessories that Afin's originally wears but for some reason in NA version they only gave us the stuff Euclyta wears. Could we pretty please get the Afin's stuff too in some way? I know multiple people who would love them and be ready to give out money to get them!

Bonus: Zeno's gear would be awesome too!

When you say Afin originally wears, do you mean his Episode 1-2 outfit or his Episode 3 one? We did get the latter (Exvilants) alongside Euclyta's outfit in Mission Pass Season 4. That same season also gave us Zeno's Episode 2 outfit (Savior's Roar). Given how recent Mission Pass seasons have been reviving outfits from seasons 2-4 we may see those reappear in the next 4 seasons.

If you mean the original outfits both wore in Episode 1, I don't think we've had those on Global.

I kinda meant both. It's great to hear Afin's Episode 3 and Zeno's Episode 2 outfits have been in the Mission Pass Seasons earlier and they could be brought back. Seeing how Euclyta's stuff has been released on NA version as Euclyta's Attire [Ba] and Euclyta's Armbands/Euclyta's Cape, I really wish they could do the same for Afin's Episode 3 stuff (I would love to have Afin's Episode 3 stuff as basewear too and his cape as accessory!!).

Oh as layered wear... not too sure about that. The Season 4 outfits (including Eucluta's) were one-item outfits.

I would be happy either with layered wear or outfits but since Euclyta's stuff has been released in NA as layered wear, I would hope they could maybe do it to Afin's stuff too?

Hi all, thank you for bringing this up! I'll communicate it to the team. 🙂