Can't Launch Game - Redirected to MS Store Page to Install when I already have the Game Files


The above pops up whenever I attempt to launch the game from Tweaker. The pop-up redirects to the PSO2 MS Store, and at the top of the page, it shows: a0a3d66b-c75f-4466-9521-70861b518f01-image.png

The problem is I already have the game installed, and I know the Microsoft Store has a history of downloading duplicate copies of the game that just clutter your hard drive; often without fixing the launch issue. As such, am I reluctant to permit that MS Store install.

I've already tried deleting the pso2_bin folder to uninstall and reinstalled all the files. I've used the Tweaker Troubleshooting tools already.

Any solutions?

if you installed first from MS store even with the tweaker it can self nuke the files, if you didn't installed it via MS store did you run the powershell file to create the registration files in the machine?

@Jamesmor Fixed the problem by using the PowerShell file. Didn't occur to me, because an issue like this hasn't happened to me before yet.