Fix the Cassith Salute outfits

Why does this outfit needs a layer that uses your skin color but makes it way brighter? This also makes impossible to have muscles in those areas bc its a layer above your skin. Either tweak it so it actually copies your skin color (which still isn't the best solution bc it wouldn't fix the muscle issue) or just remove it entirely.

2 images below showcasing the problem



It’s like that so you can do stuf like this. 3BD14A65-8759-4130-A93F-30F8B38F863F.jpeg Trust me I wish it could show our skin color but I had no idea that we could do this with the body stocking and suits, but yeah if you a dark skinned character your body is super light in this

Here is my up character 16506DB8-3F5E-483C-977D-068FA9266A0A.jpeg

I dont think there is anything wrong with it, it might be a bit too light i agree, but i think its supposed to simulate a transparent skintight material. As in i dont think your bare skin is actually showing if this outfit was to be made in the real world. You can see the sheen off the belly that looks like the same luster on the legs and the transparent material on the sleeves from the concept art. Furthermore, this makes sense, i think its supposed to be a "catsuit" with some flare, so it should be a skin tight full-body suit. You can see what looks almost like a zipper in the back, the only silver metallic looking line on the whole outfit. This also explains how the outfit's seams and patterns are secured where they should on the body even in motion. Revealing and a bit deceptive, which makes it sexy. Catschief-Suroot.jpg