No trade in NGS? Solution!!!

Would be nice if people could put buy prices for items if there is none on the market. Hell that would be nice feature for items that are available. Think of it as a buy it now feature. Seller lists item and people who are interested put in a price they are willing to pay. The buyer would have to put that $M in the market as a hold for their asking price. If the seller accepts then the transaction is instant. This feature would bridge that no trade gap between NGS and PSO2.

That's an interesting idea, though I've only ever seen that kind of system as a complement to an auction house setup. I'm not sure how often something like that would get used, though, compared to simply finding the item and actually buying it.

Or we could have an item for item trading board. Find an item you want, then put up a trade request to trade an item for said item on the trading board.

This sounds like Steam's community market setup where buy orders can be placed and players can sell to fulfil those or use that order as a baseline to sell a little higher to see if anyone would offer more.

I imagine trading has been barred on NGS because the increase of player shops sales tax to 10% would incentivise trading to skip it. Which is a shame when it comes to gifting. Sadly it doesn't do much to help the prices of rarely-sold items stabilise.

Another change that would help that is raising the limit of items that can be sold at once, allowing players to sell more different items which in turn would mean some items are sold with increased (or non-zero) supply that would help make prices less volatile. The drawback of this is it would give premium a bigger financial advantage over non-premium, though maybe giving non-premium a very low allocation of shop slots (say 3-5) at the same time as raising premium to 50/80/100 would see the latter ignored or forgiven.

So a system like BDO where a buyer can put a hold on their funds and request X item be sold to them for their offered price. I really enjoyed it, I even bought a pet that way.

Sega could probably look at Path of Exiles system or Albion; I think those of pretty decent economic models and features.

I find that having a system with offers to buy and sell gives a certain charm to hotels for sale and allows access to a much more stable economy.

Trading is fundamental to any online / mmo RPG.

Not having is just not right. But the current market if way over inflated, NGs will need something more stable if there's no trade.

It's always been kind of an optional thing in dungeon crawlers though. And if it gives the meseta-sellers one less avenue to make their money (and thus, make it less likely for them to want to infest the game), it's a sacrifice I'm willing to make.

Unfortunately, player shops still make that possible and I'm not willing to sacrifice those. So hopefully there can be other solutions.

No trading basically means no access to content you didn't pay for. Hate or love it even with the high prices in the trade store you still had access to items as a free player. It was a nice mix where everyone could enjoy cosmetics. If that's gone then all you will have is more pressure to buy AC just for you model to look good. At least they let you port your pso2 costume but believe me there are going to be cosmetics in NGS and the only way to get them is to RNG.

Player shops will still be in NGS.