Is Escalating Pursuit worth the money ?

@Falador-de-bosta If that's the same as S4: Raising Pursuit on the JP version, then it's listed as a viable endgame aug for certain classes in the guides I've seen.

Guess it would depend on how much damage you're consistently putting out in that 4 second window. Added damage maxes out at 250k so to reach the max you'd need to output 833.333k in that 4s window (and ideally be able to do that again after the 10s cooldown).

On a rod phantom I love it, I’ve noticed a nice damage increase from it, I’m going to have to check the Cooldown in it though, if feels like mine goes off more often than every 14 seconds. Cause of the way it works it would only be worth getting if you already have highly affixed gear.

Escalating Pursuit is basically one of the best augments in the game since it's basically a mini-volkraptor you're applying.

@TEN-SQUARE-3 Good to hear your experience with it as I was just going off the JP visiphone description. Maybe the 10s cooldown is just for the damage release portion and you can start charging up the next one 6s after it releases?


It is every 14 seconds, just feels less when you’re actually playing

How does this compare to Amplified Adept? Which is better?

@RainGnyu said in Is Escalating Pursuit worth the money ?:

How does this compare to Amplified Adept? Which is better?

I’d say more classes and players would get more out of escalating pursuit than Amplifed Adept. The 50% crit rate is nice but only specific classes, and specific builds would be able to make use of it