Inventory Slots should carry over into New Genesis



This is just a no-brainer. I pay to expand my character's inventory in PSO2, I should expect all of that to carry over. It's extremely consumer unfriendly to take that away from me in New Genesis, especially if you intend to make me expand it a second time.

That's not cool. Please don't do this. Be true to the purchases we've made in PSO2 and let us keep our inventory. Thanks.

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Not exactly confirmed right now but footage shows players all have 150 Inventory space in NGS.

If inventory goes totally F2P in New Genesis that's one thing, but at the same time... my inventory slots should still be there, on top of the 150. It is a character upgrade I paid for and unfortunately, they chose to piggyback NGS onto PSO2, creating this expectation that I get to keep the things I paid real money for (which until now, they've been pretty consistent about, eg: scratch stuff and char slots).

I can understand the compromises for manpower or balance's sake. I don't feel this-- or titles, tangentially-- is among those cases.

I'll wait for more info before I condemn anything further, but for now, I feel like my voice should be heard... so here it is.

Yeah, my Game time on PSO2 will end whiteout Inventory takeover to NGS

@Sucelus Why did you necro this thread? It's almost 6 months old.

The concerns raised in this thread are no longer valid as the full release shows that NGS and PSO2 have completely shared storage, meaning any inventory expansions you buy apply to both versions of the game.