Divide Quest's overall discusion

So how´s been for everyone the Quest itself? because I think i'ts kind of early for us to have it, we can barely make our way through the highest levels, and also this quest demand not just good gear an affixes, but also reliable team mates.

It's really fun. I don't care for the ones where you have to defend the pods and collect crystals, and I think the "kill enemies" ones play are too easy since they just kinda play themselves with all the chain explosions, besides that though they're great fights. The Mitra/Varuna fight at step 30 is awesome

I really like Divide Quests, they're fun challenges for the most part and can get very rewarding, I've been running them all this week trying to get Exquisite Critical Parfait from Varuna and haven't gotten tired of them yet.

However I feel like some of the stages can get a bit unfair when playing Solo, specifically when doing Covert Ops (Infiltration) and Resupply Ops (Crystal Collection). The best I've gotten on those is an A Rank, and that's mostly because of the buffs or debuffs a Stage can have.

It is both fun Solo and in a (premade) group. The stage variety is rather enjoyable since Covert and Resupply means the focus isn't just fighting things like we always have.

The fact an already rewarding and fun quest also has a weekly point system to further reward is the icing on the cake.

So the randomness and weekly reset helps the experience; sure, you guys have a nice point, then is just matter of time and patience utill SEGA give us a better variety of ways to improve gear, 'cause right now I feel that Divide Quest's force us to go like in tunel vision, but then let's be patient

Feels rather empty, not very PuGable. It's easy to see how this content would be fun if you have a group of friends to play it with but I find it rather disappointing given that this is going to be "THE" endgame content we're going to be stuck with until who knows when they're going to decide to give this part of PSO2 a bigger content update again.

Overall pretty fun, but Infiltration should scale better when doing solo. And it would be nice to have game modes that has less to do with crystal collection..

It is fun, but with a dwindling playerbase and the fact that all we got to ready for is the weapon and units that will come in a bit and not the current trap that is Steel (why not Still?) weapons is a bit of a ghost town, specially as it IS kind of soloable. Currently.

And I might be a bit weird, cause I prefer the big luminmech fight with all those cubic AoEs than the chaotic mess of mixing Varuna and "girl on annoying throne".

@Speed-Saber If you are hoping for "more" methods of upgrading and farming gear you are unfortunately out of luck until the Japanese version introduces something new because this is the same grind we will be seeing to build the Ayer/Cras weapons (the current high-end end-game weapons on the Japanese side). This is where the end-game currently is and is where you play for all the higher-tier gear. Even if you don't spend the resources now, stocking up on them will definitely help you in building future equipment.

The only other option I really recall are event-related weapons or the alternatives we already have or the new Fluxio weapons from the third Challenge Quest that recently came out on the Japanese side. Otherwise as it is we are on the verge of getting access to the highest-tier weapons that currently exist on the Japanese side but if you already are satisfied with what you have you will still be fine for the most part because this is effectively where Episode 6 peaks until the later Emergency Quests (there are two big ones I can recall coming up) and the new solo Ultimate Quest and new Extreme Quest.

So far its been really fun, So far ive managed to solo step 30 a few times and gotten some pretty solid step 30 runs with my alliance. Loot wise its really good too, While its tanked the prices of 8 slot dim you can still make some decent meseta from divides. Mostly just waiting on Grania to reset so i can make my steel weapon since im two short and the drop rates of grania on step 20-30 is pretty awful.

If your having trouble on step 30 it helps to seperate Varuna from Mitra if your playing with other players. Varuna has a weird AI quirk where he wont attack as much if hes far away from mitra. Also somthing to note is that if mitra is floating in the air with no throne and you attack her, she can grab you drain your pp and then re-gains her shield. Solo wise Etoile has a massive advantage for this fight due to having ways to fight the two pretty safely.

Also re-Supply missions can drop units With SSA including Attack up 2 which is a really nice S7 ssa

Even if your not intereted in making Stil weapons you can still get whats needed for Cras so this is very worth your time to farm, Also mitra/varuna glares are good affixes.

Crystal ones are a pain in the backside to try to solo, and I need a new alliance that's actually doing things.

The limit on the number of exchanges for the prize medal shop was almost infinite, but Grania is the same as the JP version. This is unlikely to be in time for the next weapon update.

@VanillaLucia Thanks fot the advice, then I'll be stocking the items

For the boss rush, you might wanna run around until area buff kicks in, this is due to the fact that every small mobs you kill, you and your team gain a PSE attack bonus that will time out, killing small stuff together and then focus on the boss will maximize your dps on the boss.

Phantom can start building marker however, then detonate it after getting all PSE attack bonus, for a huge damage. I got 9,999,999 once.

Hello everyone! Thank you for sharing your thoughts about the new Divide Quests. Your feedback will be brought up to the PSO2 team.