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Uncensoring the game through an option or add-on would send the message that the original content is somehow undesirable, while there's nothing wrong with it at all.

Except there being something wrong with it is the reason for this thread?

@Riesz There really isn't anything wrong with the original content in the JP version though. The censoring is unneeded and feels more like a kneejerk reaction to western cancel culture.

@Archetype-Luna I probably just misinterpreted their message then considering your response. I support reverting the height limitations to that of the JP version. I took the "original content" as the content the global version has, which reduced the slider of the height. I don't know how implementing the original height limits as an option would imply the JP version's height limits were bad.

If the goal of changing the height limits was for SEGA to save themselves from getting backlash of the characters being the size of children (even though the minimum height really isn't even that small, it's a small enough difference where the change wasn't even necessary), I think this would be a good compromise, that way people that are offended by it can just not use the option and shut up about it.

@Riesz My explanation for why an option may make the original height limits be seen as undesirable is that the censored version would likely be the default and thus be seen as the proper option. Something that if added, I can see some pro-censorship people saying.

Speaking of which, I doubt the pro-censorship side would completely shut up. There will probably always be someone complaining because the ability to turn it off exists and thus people can take advantage of it, in their eyes. It might compromise with some but not everyone.

As for me, I wonder if it may be better to release two versions of the client, one with the limitations and one without. A two client approach would likely remove any overhead with the uncensored client.

Basically, the no limit client would just accept all player models, no questions asked, while the censored client would have some extra steps to check if anyone is under the raised limit and to load placeholders for those characters.

So while there would be some potential overhead for the censored client, there wouldn't be any for the no height limit client. An option method may introduce some overhead from the game checking if the height limit option is enabled.

@Archetype-Luna From a business, and practical standpoint, they wouldn't do this, as they already have two clients to maintain already. The core Japanese release, and the global version. Releasing a third would not be something they'd be on board with, as it would increase cost, and bloat development as well as maintenance times.

@Anarchy-Marine Actually, perhaps not, or at least not by any significant amount, depending on how well they structured their code. With object orientated programming, it is possible to essentially isolate the parts that would be different. Unless the updates affects those parts, it shouldn't cause any issues other than extra compiling time and a little more QA time.

Now if the code is messy enough that another client version would cause those issues, I would think I'd rather push for just removing the height limit than to trust them to develop a filter that you can turn on and off.

Honestly if they’re so afraid of bad publicity on Twitter about the character height, someone just needs to play the part of the boogeyman they’re afraid of on Twitter. 🐦

Your feet really shouldn't go into the ground while at the lowest deepness for swimming at the min height. Maybe my feet wouldn't if the height restriction was removed. 369caf28-dd12-402b-8843-f37f943d3fa2-image.png

So Hololive has been streaming NGS lately. We are unable to accurately create Gura as Gura is 141 cm tall, well below the 150 cm limit. Come on Sega, you are having them promote your game and we can't even create the one that has the most subscribers?

Fun fact: Gura is the first vtuber to reach 3 million subscribers. She has usurp Kizuna Ai as the most subscribed vtuber, and it has not even been one year since she debuted.

I have sad news about this topic. Multiple of us attempted to discuss this topic in the new official NGS Discord and people kept saying anyone that supported reverting this change would only do it because they're pedos or other similar things and generally just people trying to derail the discussion at every moment.

You know what the one of the moderators of the Discord's solution was? Not to punish the people derailing the discussuon and calling people pedos (which does break the rules for the discord about offensive language, inappropriate language, and the one about keeping discussions civil), but instead their solution was to ban the discussion of the topic on the Discord, and telling us to find other Discords to discuss it on.

This is not a good option, the point of discussing it there was to spread awareness about the change and hopefully get someone to send out about it again. It becomes much more difficult to spread awareness about it on other Discords, and also makes it so that it will never be shared with anyone higher up in the chain of command.

Basically why I say this is sad news is, I believe with the handling of the topic on the Discord that we were given a very disrespectful but resounding no to the change ever being reverted. We needed an answer, but rather than getting one we were essentially told to shut up and keep it to ourselves. They could have easily punished all the people derailing the topic and breaking the rules, but instead they chose to stop the topic and say we can never discuss it on that Discord again.

@Riesz Are the mods Sega employees and/or are there people above the mods that can can file a complaint to? Then there is always the option of causing a storm in game by spreading information and finding and organizing enough people to cause enough of a storm in game and other social media.

Also, I believe that the only time the chance of something becoming 0 is when you give up. Who knows, maybe if we are persistent enough, we can wear them down.

It was also just a screenshot/video clip channel and not a game discussion channel.

@Weirdo Oh you only saw when they said that in that channel then. The exact same thing happened earlier in the ship 1 channel too (like the scenario literally repeated itself almost exactly the same as you saw happen in the media channel). Which I don't know how more relevant of a channel than the ship channels there could be (as there's no general pso2 channel, just the ship channels, the media channel and the off topic channel) , they said to use different discords at that time too.

This topic will end up like Tera and the change will happen when the game is about to die so in 7 years.

By then it will be too little too late, plus it’s not even the big spenders requesting this. XD