Remove Height Restriction

no argument there.

I think the best method would be letting everyone know what changes were made and letting the player base decide by voting on it. That way the players' wants would be represented.

Since they’ve replaced gender with types, it’s more likely they’d apply the height restrictions to JP than lift ours. XD

I don’t know about you, but I feel like they barely take advice or criticism when it comes to stuff, reading their summary of feedback from NGS beta came off as “we know you don’t like this, but we’re not changing it” type of attitude. 😕

I'm actually all for this, mostly because I like my amazon ladies.

...What? Why are you looking at me like that?

When everyone is amazon height, no one is. XD

But in all seriousness, that doesn’t get rid of the root issues of ppl being weird with their characters. That and the fact that ppl think even if you maxed out your character’s height, that it still looks too much like a kid. 😕

I think the loudest criers of the whole pedo argument, are the most likely offenders lol, I mean think about it, it is obviously the first thing that came to their minds, instead of trying to model your character after an npc, or yourself. I can only wonder if their nearly hostile vocality is in some part, at least, driven by a somewhat guilty conscience.

Since this surfaced I will too put forth my support for removal of of height limit.

You can have short characters that aren't lolis.

I've been watching these threads pop up for half a year now. I've waited through this thread's predecessor and its predecessor's predecessor. No more: I'd also like to voice my support for the removal of height restrictions. SEGA, come on. Global doesn't need whatever special considerations. Please remove the height restrictions.

The sad truth is you have a better chance of shouting at an apple and it responding to you in crystal clear English, than you do of Sega and/or Microsoft pulling their head out of their ass and changing this. The best thing you can do is never give them any money that shows you support their asinine decision.

@Z0DIAK-BRAVE To be fair, if an Apple is talking to you, someone either slipped something in your food/drink, or you are hallucinating, and might want to seek medical attention.

Honestly at this point I'm assuming ESTsoft is biased against the issue from the get go and refuse to transmit this feedback to Sega. If that was a Sega decision the JP version would likely have the same min height we do.

@Z0DIAK-BRAVE better chance of an apple responding, than getting even a non productive response from this company. I can agree do disagree on this issue, but instead we get total silence. 😕

The "Types" are still genders, unless you can make anything in between from a start point of any of them, making it just premade models to edit, which is fine really, so long as we can choose a pronoun as to whether NPCs will call us He or She (Or Copter, CAST attack helicopter gender or riot!)

I’m positive if the topic bypassed ESTsoft and brought to the developers directly, this could’ve been resolved a long time ago. XD

So if we were to find someone to infiltrate ESTsoft to ensure the topic is passed along. We could get more information and maybe even a victory.