Remove Height Restriction

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@Zenny Hell, I'd take 140 at this juncture, over what we have now, which is nothing being done about it.

I would take a literal mod at this point. Hmm, actually does modding support make sense for this game?


Interesting, I never hear anything about height on Shai except they censored their underwear, some outfit for obvious reason.

Graphics mods are allowed and also encouraged by the TOS.

Pretty much, no one wants to do that to get to use content they thought was going to be in the product.

Good example I’ve got of censorship like this was Conan Exiles. It featured that it had full frontal nudity, but the NA version had to cut down on it sadly. Even if it was a major selling point. 😕

Blame our fat, ignorant, stupid politicians. sadly most of the people intelligent enough not to vote those guys into office stopped voting at all a long time ago after concluding it makes no difference anymore.

Let me be shorter all for the sake of petting cats in central city. I can't reach low enough to even get close.27190bdf-db3d-4752-bdfa-f5ae77f8c709-image.png

what about a piece of technology that can shrink a character to a fraction of their normal size? If it shrinks your hitbox, maybe it could let you fit in places you normally would not, or hide easier.

To prevent everyone from running around at action figure size, perhaps make it reduce your strength and durability accordingly, so if you got hit while tiny, you'd be splat, making it more utility and less combat.

Look like I got a new record, last time it was 151cm and right now it 150cm.


Tiny is justice! Strive to be ever shorter! although if my character is going to be that petite, I'd really hope her weapons scale more so they dont dwarf her own body.

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Tiny is justice! Strive to be ever shorter! although if my character is going to be that petite, I'd really hope her weapons scale more so they dont dwarf her own body.

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Jokes aside, I am just posting here to mark my support for this. There is no reason why the height restriction has to be in place. So many other games can do similar or worse; all of the game's censorship is just unnecessary and adds additional costs to development and makes things like a Unified Service more unlikely to happen in the future.

Yeah, I hate that making the head bigger add 3-4 inches that does not count to how they calculate height.

I'm reminded of a specific private server of long since officially shut down City of Heroes where they decided "F it" and allowed people to make their characters up to 25 or 30 feet tall or as small as 4 inches for all gameplay if desired.

New Genesis JP is now blocking foreign IP addresses. This is disgusting. Not only are people losing access to years of accumulated cosmetic items that they were planning to carry over into NGS, but now we can't "just go play on JP" if we want to make a shorter character.

I can't believe Sega could be so damn heartless.

Ouch, that’s quite the bad move on their part. 😕

"Lets make tons of idiotic completely irrational censorships on global then make sure no one from those countries can play on the one place where it's not censored"

Yep sounds like totally genius business policy. Sega really knows how to make sure they dont lose tons of money and customers! (NOT!)