Remove Height Restriction

Yep, especially with how big FFXIV is, and how it allows people to play up to 2.55 for free. Sega is basically shooting themselves in the foot. The people who were playing JP? They aren't likely going to just start over on an inferior server. They are just going to play another game. This is why there actually dissent on western servers among some JP players.

I guess it is a good thing I have a vpn.

by that do you mean the Japanese playerbase is becoming upset over how SEGA treats global, on principle becuase its dishonest and stupid?

That makes sense given normally I hear work ethic and honesty is very important in the prevalent culture. something I wish was still evident here.

@ZeeHero9271 I mean the foreign players on JP. If Sega thinks they can make people migrate to Global like this, they really did not think things through, especially the paying customers. I already seen some people say that they are going to use a VPN or are just going to play FFXIV. Why start over on an inferior server? If they ban people for using a VPN, well then they are just losing customers. Either way, Sega has absolutely nothing to gain from this IP ban.

On another note, I could also set up a Cloud Proxy with AWS which would not be detectable as a VPN for like 40 cents a month.

So the reason to play in JP is invalid now.

Look like peoples need to assemble and fight the censorships on Global.

They just gave even more of a reason to fight.

Well FFXIV is an amazing game but it is good for a whole lot of completely different reasons than PSo2. if you play Pso2 and dont play FFXIV, I reccomend playing both, both are great fun for very different reasons.

Also I would not be surprised if Japanese players were getting upset with SEGA's conduct the same way people here get upset when a big company does something blatantly stupid and dishonest, even if it does not directly affect them.

SEGA Japan seems to have no honor.

@ZeeHero9271 From what I can gleam from reddit, some Japanese players are also having login issues. I also bet some have probably became friends with oversea players and would also be upset if their friend could no longer play. I am hoping on the off chance that the IP Block is either temporary to try to manage the initial hype or a mistake. Otherwise, Sega is just shooting themselves in the foot.

@Weirdo The only way to redeem themselves now is to commit Sudoku!

@ZeeHero9271 I mean, rolling back the height thing would be a better idea, but yeah, I'd settle for Sudoku at this point.

@The-Merfox That was a joke becuase having SEGA completely self destruct on the horrors of sudoku would probably mean the end of PSo2 entirely.

Maybe just torture them a tiny bit with it til they roll back the height limitations to save themselves.

Well, given what I read about the IP blocks. Either people will move onto something else, and SEGA will lose money, or these forums, SEGA's official social medias, and anything else one could think of to contact them, are about to be flooded by a decent sized hate mob. You reap what you sow. I'll just be waiting to see what happens.

@Anarchy-Marine Especially when they have FFXIV as a competitor. Saw a lot of people basically saying, "Time to play FFXIV."

From the very pits of the censored height, to the very pinnacle of the removed content, their playerbase shall tremble! Unleash ANGRY CUSTOMERS!

I kind of hope they minimize the differences between the global and jp version and they eventually decided to let mini outfits through. Those would make things a bit better, though very limiting.