[Ship 3] Kaleidoscope- Semi Casual Alliance Focused on clearing Content and being Cute~

Hello Hello Cuties of ship 3, We are Kaleidoscope a alliance focused on Clearing content and looking cute at the same time! Our alliance has been around since PC launch back on the MS store when we were a small 5man alliance. Consisting of JP Vets and players new to global our alliance is defiantly varied. Did i mention we've Got Sero whos Persona the masked? Were looking for players who want to play and enjoy pso2 to its fullest while also not being afraid to go a biiiit tryhard mode sometimes. Being Cute is hard sometimes when there's Darkers to kill :{

But we can talk about us later here's what it means to be in our alliance:

Being cute isnt always easy, With Shiva and Varuna ruining the world its up to us to stop them!

Triggers and Content:

~Our alliance is constantly doing something, be it triggers or any kind of non trigger content

~We clear content pretty efficiently and are always doing what we can to optimize runs in order to get more loot and faster.

Advice and general Assistance:

~Filled with Several JP vets with years of experience as well as global players which are very knowledgeable if you have any questions regarding pso2, all you need to do is ask for help!

~Phaleg running too many circles around you? Deus esca destroying too many moons? Were here to help with advice on how you can improve those times and save the world in good time!


~were all here to be cute, need i say more?


~Were all very active here in kaleidoscope, Chances are you can always find someone on.

Kaleidoscope might not be one of the biggest alliances on ship 3 but don't underestimate us! We make up for quantity with quality players and efficiency!

Despite the fact were always aiming for efficiency were a casual alliance first and foremost so don't feel too pressured! We have plenty of casual players here.


As per any alliance we have rules we'd appreciate that others follow.

~Were not just a Tree buff!

We'd appreciate it if you don't just join our alliance for a tree buff, we at kaleidoscope work as a team and just sticking around for a tree is kinda lame.

~Working together with others

In kaleidoscope we work with other alliances on regularly for trigger runs, Divide quests and piper of disharmony runs since getting 12 players to do one thing can sometimes be hard for multiple alliances.

~Toxic behavior inside and outside of the alliance

Were all friends here! If you join us please try everything you can to get along with everyone in the alliance!


Eltisim is welcome and a requirement to joining the alliance. Jk, Don't be a jerk, Be respectful to others and their preferences. Its ok to critique and give advice but not put others down for their choices. Not everyone wants to go full tryhard and our alliance is a mixture of both tryhard min-maxers and casual players.

~quality control and vetting process

Kaleidscope is a alliance that prefers player quality over quantity due to our alliances unique dynamic. We speak with all players interested in joining prior so we can see if they will fit into our alliance. Several alliances recruit players for the sake of adding to their numbers which can introduce problems with player quality. We want players that are here to have fun and enjoy the game while being cute at the same time, not someone whos here to do nefarious things such as leeching or be toxic!

Please feel free to message me on discord at Blazelatias#2986 or our alliance leader Hanakotoba#6391 alternatively shoot me a kudos or whisper on PSO2.

Leader: Hanakotoba

Manager: Blazelatias (Estelle)

Officers: Estelle/Yuzuha CJ Artrua Miyuki Faria Forblaze Judinous Lazy

Player count: 58 (not all players are currently active due to waiting on NGS)

Tree Stats: Attack: Level 8 Defense: Level 4 Earned EXP: Level 7 Earned Meseta: Level 2 Rare Drop Rate: Level 8

i love to join , please invit my in game name is akane hirose thankyou .