Change Weapon Category Removes Redux Potential

I upgraded my liberate weapons with redux potentials. After playing on Phantom for a while i swapped them over to my main class hero. I just noticed that the weapons have removed the redux upgrade. I've essentially lost 720 Luminfragment Emels due to this. There's doesn't seem to be any note regarding that the weapon change will do this. I was under the assumption that changing a weapons potential to its stronger version would carry over during a weapon category change but that doesn't seem to be the case.

This is a pretty harsh pitfall, but that's how it's intended to work. Change weapon category menu has the following notice, the weapon potential is not included in the inherited features.

The following will be inherited from the base item.
Enhancement Level, Enhancement Cap, Elements, Element
Levels, Augments, Photon Color and Owner Registration.

Maybe they'll change this in the future, but unfortunately this is how it works now.

Not gonna lie, This is a hard pill to swallow. That pitfall is ridiculous.

Honestly, I agree that this pitfall s****.

Its incredibly harsh. If there was a check in the games code for the updated potential and refund the mats that would lessen the pain. I don't really care about meseta being lost but the materials themselves took a lot of time.