monetizing costume textures (and model rigging and finger animations)

@ENERSHA420 The example you're linking has very little relevance to what Phantasy Star Online 2 does. I never quite enjoyed how grindy the Kubrow and Kavat raising mechanics were because having multiples required in-game purchases locked behind premium currency (pet slots). If you weren't someone who bought platinum regularly or traded in-game after collecting the desirable rare items this was just about impossible for most players who would only have one pet at all if they decided to go farming for that. My gripe with the Marketplace is that there are still items that are extremely costly in platinum used to bait players when the in-game methods of obtaining that equipment are cheaper albeit more time-consuming (as in having to complete quests or trying to fight a boss a number of times).

In New Genesis it was already explained, already demonstrated, and already known for the most part that all players get to swap between the bodies for New Genesis or the original Phantasy Star Online 2 body types. The "N" scratches are meant to be used with the new body types and the only casualty between these are CAST parts not being interchangeable between the old bodies and the new bodies.

Otherwise with the specific video example you mentioned, Sega's "equivalent" to that is how players can pick up welfare/catch-up equipment with minimum effort to keep up with the current content or how new mechanics end up pushing away older mechanics. You would not find any discussions of Unit Crafting or Old-Type Weapon Extensions being relevant at all in Global because those mechanics either do not exist or are far too power-creeped to be relevant. Sega is not "replacing" older cosmetics and their aesthetics but rather are renewing them for a new body type and a whole new specification that went beyond what the original Phantasy Star Online 2 envisioned. As was told to you several times in this thread, these are meant to be used with the new bodies and are intended for use in New Genesis. It just so happens that you can use your New Genesis characters in Phantasy Star Online 2 as well. I would have loved for this to have just been a straight-up upgrade like Sega has also done in the past (Phantasy Star Online 2es charactrers are different from their Episode 4-counterparts and onwards due to an adjustment in character specifications) but the new system in New Genesis pushes on to something beyond just changing the model quality and the texture quality.

You should not forget that many of the cosmetics (including lobby actions) are recycled from "free" content from the previous games that players end up picking up again either via the AC Scratches, SG Scratches, Player Shops, or other various exchanges in-game. When you look at how Warframe's cosmetics work (at least on the PC version of the game) I would be curious as to how you would obtain the Tennogen cosemtics without paying money as the console versions have these available for platinum instead. Like I mentioned, in Phantasy Star Online 2, being able to obtain cosmetics without paying real money at all makes a world of difference. 40 million Meseta is on the "low" end of things and if you ever needed the help in making the Meseta I am certain a number of other players would love to help and also jump in on that. If you know what you are doing in this game you can get just about everything without paying money outside of the exclusive paid-only cosmetics and I feel that this particular monetization will not change for New Genesis. You can call it predatory because of the way it was monetized but I prefer this system over what many other free-to-play games have done.

@VanillaLucia putting high grind requirements is never going to go away. i am reluctantly willing to live with artificially calculated grind time. however if you make be climb to the top of that hill, then say "hey, everything you just achieved is now out of date you have to grind 40 mill meseta" thats just bullshit and makes me want to quit. its not worth the grind for hand animations and my character will look like its from a 10 year old game

at this point im just going to switch to blue proticol and im glad i didnt invest any real money into a game that will just invalidate my grind progress with a slightly shinier more animated model

@ENERSHA420 If that was your point all along then I will tell you to straight that Phantasy Star Online 2 has always gone off to invalidate your grind. This was why on the global version I never invested too hard into the high-end equipment because I already knew (and had) what was coming up on the Japanese side. But the main point you miss is that Phantasy Star Online 2 makes it excessively easy to catch up and to stay up-to-date. Despite your character looking like they came from a nearly ten-year-old game the characters who were transferred from the base game into New Genesis (which you could see in the closed beta videos that were popping up) don't look too far nor do they look out-of-place. Your concerns are valid but I feel that they're overblown because of how it is already being handled.

Many other online games (and to a lesser degree Warframe because Warframe doesn't have a great deal of verticality in its progression) will find ways to invalidate your grind by pushing on the next big tier or the next big push for grinding. The highly artificial times aren't exactly too concerning for me (Dragon's Dogma Online had you running the same dungeon hundreds of times to level up or to get parts of resources so all the drops and rewards were "guaranteed" but came in such little quantities that you can expect to spend potentially twelve hours at a time grinding those same areas non-stop because taking any break or doing anything else does not contribute to that grind) but the things I would be concerned about are how sustainable games are. This isn't the Southeast Asian version of Phantasy Star Online 2 where the cosmetics had stats tied to them so you ended up with a pay-to-win economy that was used as a last resort to milk players before the game was nuked (and was starving in content because it was two episodes behind the Japanese version that had much more going for it).

I don't consider "fashion" in this game to be part of the actual grinding because this game makes it extremely easy to get meseta just by playing the game. You have your weekly missions, your weekly client orders, the various client orders that make collecting Meseta relatively easy, and then you have the Extreme Quests and potentially valuable loot (such as affix fodder) that can be used for a profit without ever touching the AC Shop. Fashion is never "out of date" in Phantasy Star Online 2 and for you to feel that your purchases (especially for a CAST who has what is arguably the cheapest parts and the lowest costs of any other races/characters) are invalidated because of a new update has me questioning what your priorities are or what it is you really want. I do not find myself too bothered with the new "N" clothing because it was specified it was made for the New Genesis bodies and rigged for New Genesis and the fact that it is usable (backported, specifically) to the original game is a bonus for me due to how games like PSO2es refuse to acknowledge or accept what players use from the base game due to the game not updating their specifications and handling. Similarly as stated, even if you used the New Genesis bodies the original game will not update the cutscenes in the story to use your new clothing outside of the default outfits unless you used the original body type anyways.

I am curious if you have played any game that hasn't artificially made your grinding and equipment irrelevant to keep up. Games like Monster Hunter Frontier definitely have pulled that off where if you lacked the proper equipment you were subject to boss-specific mechanics and status procs that typically punished you for not having done the grind already and having done the grind (or even trying to powercreep those mechanics) only resulted in the fights being marginally more tolerable. I would not be surprised if games like Blue Protocol do exactly what you are fearing but this discussion has continuously strayed from your original point that I am curious now of what it is that actually bothers you or if you are trying to simply talk of what you dislike without being clear and transparent about it despite being called out on it.

@ENERSHA420 said in monetizing costume textures (and model rigging and finger animations):

its ok to charge for cosmetics under certain circumstances but charging basic graphic upgrades per model is idiotic at best

Can you describe how the NGS models are basic graphic updates?

Oh geez now you’re going to make the F2P excuse that you can’t afford anything? I didn’t buy AC of any kind for three months and I didn’t have time to play. I still managed weeklies on my main and one alt for a total of 5.2m a week playing maybe ten-fifteen minutes a day. I participated in UQ when happened to catch it for ex cubes and scrap gear for more grinder. Doing the bare minimum you can get 20m a month, if you participated in more UQ or ran more content you could bump it up to 40m a month just playing the game, not the market and not crafting.

I also play a CAST, a female one and CAST parts are usually cheaper than clothes. I think the only parts I paid more for were old sets like Delmarch and Icesilica(before revival)

I mean this in all honesty, do you need a guide to help you make better use of your time in PSO2 so you can afford these outfits you’re mad about? Would that help you?

@ENERSHA420 said in monetizing costume textures (and model rigging and finger animations):

@Miraglyth the point is that if they shouldnt put those other upgrades behind a pay/grind wall, then they probably shouldnt put new body type behind a pay/grind wall.

They aren't putting NGS physiques behind any walls. All players are getting new physiques and default outfits for them for free.

What you want them to do is give you optional extra outfits, which have always been part of this game's business model, for free and this has been explained to you repeatedly and by several people as farcical. The only reason this topic is continuing is because you persist with trying to rephrase a belief almost nobody agrees with in the hopes that it might somehow convince someone.

And no, your comparison doesn't hold up. Gating the "New Type" weapon system behind payment would make the game pay to win, which is why they didn't do it back when JP added them. That has no relevance to cosmetics that confer no gameplay benefit.

@ENERSHA420 said in monetizing costume textures (and model rigging and finger animations):

a lot of people here are conflating graphics upgrades with cosmetics. its not the same thing.

No, you are trying to pretend new cosmetic items are both (a) the same items as previous ones and (b) mere graphics upgrades to existing items. Neither of these are correct. A lie repeated never becomes truth.

@ENERSHA420 said in monetizing costume textures (and model rigging and finger animations):

im glad i didnt invest any real money into a game that will just invalidate my grind progress with a slightly shinier more animated model

All this crying over a 1,500 meseta outfit you got for free during character creation. What a grind that must have been for you.

@VanillaLucia the difference between my current state and the state on grinding for has to be more meaningful than slightly upgraded textures and a universal finger animation or else I simply dont care and I'm not really willing to grind meseta for weeks to make that happen. I'd rather just play a different game where I know the graphics wont have 10 year old assets mixed in because they are paywalled

implementing a graphics update in such a way is so ridiculously stupid that it actually blows my mind sega looks like they're about to sck a dck for $5

@ENERSHA420 Slightly upgraded textures? You obviously haven't been staying up to date with any of the closed beta coverage. They are anything but slight. PSO2 looks like a new game, and NGS looks like an anime Black Desert Online. Good Lord man, this rant your on, based on your other replies here, has no logic or reasoning, and comes off as someone who has never worked for an honest days pay in their life. Grow up man.

We really appreciate your feedback and opinions on the upcoming NGS, no worries all your concerns will be forwarded to our developers. For now, this will be closed due to the hostility of the thread.