How to break free from Ice or Time Freeze effect

Is there is anyway to break free from the Time or Ice freeze effect? For example in my fight I was fighting against Masqueradre, even though I have already beaten him 3 times already (The 2 first depths were easy, the third one took me 2 deaths to defeat him), there are those moments where he will initiate that attack that will time freeze you in place, making you unable to move.

So the question is, how to break free from the Time Freeze effect? I've read you need to continiously mash the movement buttons (in the case WASD since my movement direction buttons are it) but it did not help me to break off from the freeze effect at all, I won against him because thankfully I had good enough Armor and health to survive his hit (I was using Rivalate units set that I've got from the event and had them upgraded to level 10 thanks to the meseta free upgrade event).

You cannot escape Masquerade's time freeze but you can avoid it by being behind him or far enough to the side (or using some invulnerability frames such as Etoile connect combo). You can also not break out of the ice freeze effect either. You can also escape damage from Masquerade's by dodging before he slashes.

Now for Luther/Persona time freezes, you spam movement keys to break out of it.

Edit: Here's a test video I had done of Masquerade where I used the Etoile Soaring Blades connect combo to avoid the time stop because I'm lazy and bad lol:

@TsundereMuse You can break free from the time-freeze that Omega Masquerade does in the very same fashion you do for Dark Falz/Omega Falz [Luther] and Dark Falz [Persona]. You have to be very fast at mashing the directions to move out of the way or simply dodge just before the time freeze effect. In the case of Omega Masquerade, this is dodging just as he starts his spin-slash. For Dark Falz [Persona] and Omega Falz [Luther] you can see the rings on the sword building up and just before they "complete" you can use that as an indicator of when to dodge or use something that grants invulnerability.

In terms of "ice" the only real way around it is to not get frozen, to precast Anti (the field will cure you if it is still around), or to hope someone around you has Anti ready. Otherwise you will want to hope you can tank the next hit you take because the next hit will break you out of the ice.

Edit: I can share a sloppy video of mine that shows you can escape Omega Masquerade's Time Freeze (2:00 mark).

@VanillaLucia I agree that you can dodge it. But what was being asked about was breaking the effect after being hit by it. You can break Luther/Persona's time stops after getting hit by them, but you cannot break Masquerade's.

@TsundereMuse I have just edited my previous post to attach a video of mine where you can break it.

Huh you really can, now I'm curious why it has never worked for me.

Edit: Ok I just went and tried a couple times and I can break it on controller, but I can't manage it on keyboard for some reason.

Edit 2: So spamming ASD works on keyboard, but trying to add W makes it never work for me lol. So @VanillaLucia and @Charus I apologize for the wrong info.

Find it silly to not carry star atomizers nowadays when its easy to equip Atomizer Fanatic on a unit then whenever you use one you gain massive invincibility frames and heal everyone on a single button press if in a pinch, or res for moons.

@TsundereMuse Might be your keyboard. I know I can't WA or dodge to the right on diagonals after remapping due to how mine was made. It just eats one of the inputs.

@Vashzaron said in How to break free from Ice or Time Freeze effect:

Find it silly to not carry star atomizers nowadays

Leaving aside that some non-scion classes need like 5 thousand million different buttons and we simply don't have space for the luxury of atomizers on the sub-palette, you can't even use them if you're already frozen?

@Riesz said in How to break free from Ice or Time Freeze effect:

I'm assuming you're doing what I used to and have Techs or PAs you never even use on the main palette, which is stealing space from the sub-palette.

I'm not sure what you mean by main palette and sub-palette here. The sub-palette is the 10 buttons across the bottom of the screen, 5 on each side of the weapon palette that has 3 buttons and a shift for 6 total, meaning 16 overall with one sub-palette and 10 extra for every additional sub-palette used (as inefficient as switching them is since changing sub-palettes causes a 1-second cooldown on some inputs).

I'm forced to explain using an example. I'm aware this is taking the discussion on a slight tangent so hopefully this post can answer the question in one post and we can return to the topic:

The case of Jet Boots

All six weapon palette buttons are forced to be taken up by attacks: Normal attack, weapon shift and the four main PAs which all weapon shift (three into autocasts of charged Shifta, Deband and Zanverse, the last one into the only strong attack jet boots have).

The sub-palette is extraordinarily congested.

5: Jet boots' element-switching mechanic (and its necessity to keep up with the better numbers of all the stronger classes) necessitates five slots go to techniques of varying elements, usually Megiverse to potentially save a slot on healing and whichever techniques of the other four elements the player has that charge fastest (which may depend on crafted variations).

3: Occasional-use abilities: Photon Blast, Dark Blast and Tempest Raid (the jet boots buildup PA). The icons for all of these show how much they have charged, making it advantageous to keep them on the active sub-palette.

3: Repeat-use abilities: Rapid Boost (the jet boots temporary boost ability), Elemental PP Restorate Field (the blue-ring field that increases PP restoration for everyone within the field) and Critical Field (the red-ring field that increases critical hit rate for everyone within the field). The last two of these can separately be cast using Dodge Auto-Field but like Dark Blast and AIS cooldowns their icons show remaining time which is still useful on the active sub-palette.

1: Anti.

2: Toggles: Switch Strike (a toggle to make jet boots attack using MEL Pwr instead of TEC Pwr) and Break Stance (to toggle between the two Bouncer stances - unlike the likes of Hunter, a Bouncer that uses both weapon types needs both stances, one for each weapon type). These are ideal candidates to move off to a secondary sub-palette (Switch Strike) or to leave on only a separate soaring blades sub-palette (so long as you remember to toggle Break Stance off before switching back to jet boots - Oh, if only this game supported macros...)

2: Optional but frequently-helpful techniques: Resta for healing if there are no enemies nearby or if the only enemies present are too far away or move too quickly for Megiverse to work. Ilzonde for fast travel where the jet boots travel PA (Grand Wave) just does not work, either because it glues you to obstacles you want to ignore such as in Floating Continent (the lightning monuments) or Mining Base (the flame walls) or simply if your intention is to travel and you want to avoid enemies (particularly in Running Maneuvers Amduskia where you're meant to not attack draconians and even some falspawn).

So that's 14-16 useful inputs for a sub-palette that only has 10 slots. Sacrifices have to be made somewhere. Typically jet boots alone need two sub-palettes, either moving elemental techniques out to a secondary sub-palette (likely along with Switch Strike) or to simply not use certain abilities. Personally I've ditched the two fields which means I can neither activate them on-demand (or at all without enemies) or see how much time is left when they've been activated via dodging. I've also sacrificed Photon Blast and Resta (though for some quests I do temporarily replace a non-present element with it, joy more upkeep...)

Oh and by the way between the likely housing of Break Stance, the separately-activated soaring blades boost of Photon Blades Fever and the spillover of having more useful attack PAs than the weapon palette has room for, soaring blades need their own sub-palette too. A Bouncer that wants to use both weapon types (encouraged by the cooldowns of those boosts) and most of their abilities has to use an entire sub-palette book.

TLDR we aren't all Hero that sound like they can fit all three weapon types into one sub-palette and still don't know what to do with 5 of those slots. The reason we don't add atomizers, telepipes and whatnot to our sub-palettes is because they're way too far down a huge list of more important inputs.