Lost Rainbow Key

So, I really do not like to be a sore person, but during one of my Leveling up my secondary classes, there was a server disconnect. And I was doing a Tokyo: Rainbow mission. The key is gone and I have no idea if I even got the EXP from the mobs I killed. Is there a way to get the key back or is this just a no go?

WTF!!! I just got the same bullshit as you! Got my Tokyo: rainbow from mission pass tier 29 and server disconnect. Is there anyway to get back the Tokyo: rainbow for it??

If its possible to get the key back you'd need to contact support and ask them to give you one, but I can almost guarantee it'll be "tough luck". You'll keep the xp but you'll have missed the xp from the bosses at the end.

@Tis-A-Cat said in Lost Rainbow Key:

If its possible to get the key back

It isn't. You agree to not being able to get it back when you initiate the quest at the barrier. There's a big dialogue box that explains this. All of the Bonus Quests have this dialogue box.