Mission Pass Outfits

Just want to start off saying a huge thank you to everyone who worked to bring PSO2 to North America and the Xbox One! I've been loving the OBT so far and I don't see an end to the fun in sight.

I do have one nitpick, though, and I think everyone could benefit from this slight change to the Mission Pass system. The outfits in the pass should not be gender or race specific. As a CAST it makes me sad that the outfit I really want to get is non-CAST male only and there's no option for a CAST alternative of the same outfit. The same can be said about other outfits that are gender locked and race locked.

Personally, I believe there should be multiple race / gender options for each rank of the Mission Pass that rewards apparel so that everyone is able to get something usable from each rank. It would encourage everyone the completion of the Mission Pass while yielding rewards for everyone.

Making stuff not gender or race specific would make them having "seasons", as they call them, pointless. Each pass is supposed to have a certain theme, and the items on this one fit their first theme.

Can't all CAST equip fleshy clothes in their fleshy versions of themselves?

@landman Most clothes have a CAST alternative but the current Mission Pass only has the non-CAST versions of outfits, unfortunately

Suggestion will be relayed!

Or when the rewards are for a specific gender or race then be able to trade that item in for one of your own gender or race, tho you kinda can trade them in for badges in the swap shop and there are other items in there

@GM-Deynger said in Mission Pass Outfits:

Suggestion will be relayed!

Don't forget to add in the suggestion of being able to trade mission pass outfits too!

Got that one already. 😉

@GM-Deynger said in Mission Pass Outfits:

Got that one already. 😉

Wooooooo! Happy deserves some treats!

is there a way to see the item description and preview the items before accepting?

I plays CAST and there is a costume that looks like a Cast Costume, but it was Male Only (Except Cast)

Kinda, click on the group and press X for the info and when you hover it should show your wearing the items

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Kinda, click on the group and press X for the info and when you hover it should show your wearing the items

Yea thats not going to help, it doesnt say restrictions, example not wearable by human, or cast. Considering they are account bound this will be problematic

Yeah they do pick the Group and to view it then press x it will show some item details, like the Quna costume says No-female cast


See look here 79B2DC7C-6A6E-48FB-912E-1E5136B18E6F.jpeg

And here CDF70CCC-2F48-4119-8DB7-C5B814C65C3C.jpeg



Guess I am going to have to select a smaller text/window size as you can see above:

  1. Reward Details is covering the Item Details, so information is cut off, BAD EXAMPLE as you can see the except cast male but if the test was a bit to the left wouldnt be able to see that

  2. I dont know if its is possible to move windows without the aid of a mouse, using the controller.

  3. not all items are available to preview, only one item in the rewards, would be great if they could do it so all rewards could be previewed.

if anyone knows if can move / stretch /espand windows like you can with a mouse, but using controller let me know.


Okay making things small helps, makes reading chat a little harder but I will learn to adapt